Oregon StandOff: Kevin Preusse Confirmed Willing Informant Exposed Pushing DisInformation

This is a followup of a blog that I created yesterday.  The blog from yesterday and the video-blog, also concerned this topic of agent provocateur and FBI dis-information.
I touched a bit on what Chris Briels said in regards to actual FBI agents dressing up in civilian attire pretending to be militia and protesters, and harassing the locals in order to create hard feelings with the locals about the protest.  Chris Briels was the fire chief (marshal) of Harney county for over 30 years, and he resigned his job in protest of the corruption that was going on in Oregon.

However, beyond the local officials that have stood up to protest this counter-intel operation.  There are also people who were on the ground, that gave interviews declaring publicly that there job was to provoke and gather information from the protesters, like Kevin Preusse.  This is not an assumption, or an empty accusation, this is from the horses mouth regarding this corruption.

Kevin Preusse, admits to working as a military contractor, and to infiltrating the protester group while at the refuge in order to “gather information” about the protesters.   Then, he goes on to spread disinformation.

More information about this Kevin Preusse;

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On a side issue, and regarding a person telling the police that I am a threat (similar to the guy above).   I don’t think informants are always paid, or coerced.  Some of them, like my brother in law in the story below, just have an axe to grind, and are willing to use the police to grind their axe with someone else, instead of handling their own business.  Always do your own research when someone tells you about controversial subject.

I had this issue with a brother in law recently, who was contacting people that I knew to tell them things about myself, but did not have any proof.  When he couldn’t make head way by spreading disinformation on the internet about me, he called the police and told them that I was a threat (before this whole protest happened).   See this video from January 1st.

So I went to the internet to file a FOIA request about this person’s record, to see if I could figure out if he was in fact an informant, and what I found gives pretty clear evidence.

History of harassment

Long history of harassment  (ref; https://www.idcourts.us/)

The fact that he was convicted of giving “false information” about someone (the same person who has a restraining order against him), shows that he is willing to lie, and call police to inform on someone, and try to trip them up with the police.  I confronted the police, and even though they originally denied my request to get the FOIA information, I eventually got it, and the police officer himself told me who it was that called on me to tell them that I was a “threat”.   Ref;  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwNWsCJzdhQXNy1yaVo2bDhWMXM

There was several times that I witnessed him call the police on other rivals of his, before my wife and I got married.  However he then tries to turn it around and tell people that I would do this.
What is good about public information and the “Freedom of information act”, is that I can get proof to show that even when given the opportunity to get someone arrested, or even when given the opportunity to give the police information about someone, I refuse to.  This boy who has snitched on me over and over, called me on to a fight when I was in Idaho.  I made a public video and I accepted (ref: 1 Corinthians 13:7 – a question for the faithful).  So instead of this boy coming to fight me, he sent his step daddy to fight me.  I whopped his step daddy’s ass, and then wrote him on facebook offering him to box me in the boxing ring, instead of fighting me at my house where my son got hurt, and they call the cops on me a total of 3 more times.  They offered verbal evidence to the police about voicemails that I left them, or facebook messages that my wife left, but then when the police offered to come over and collect the information they said “no, we just want to be done with it”.  But it was them that called the police 3 more times (a total of 4 calls), so if they were so willing to get the police involved, the least they could do is provide evidence, but of course, it was all fabricated, as you can see on the police report. (look at the bottom of the police report to see how they call the police with vital information to the case, but refuse to hand over the information)

Now after they started using the police to harass me, I did press charges for the harassment (he got charged with disorderly conduct).  But I was willing to let it go at first, and take care of it “between family”.  But snitches don’t work that way.  They lean on the police to solve their problems for them.  So after the 4th call or so to police about me, and after I had enough, I did press charges, and then I also got charged with “disorderly conduct”, I beat my charge and the other party plead guilty.  But if they would have just left the police out of it, and handled things like a man, no one would have been charged.

Anyway, my point was, is that the Freedom of Information Act allows people to obtain court records, and even police phone calls.  If someone says “so and so did this” or “so and so did that”, it is easy to determine how true it is, because of FOIA.  I have not written or spoken about the harassment that I have gotten from my in-laws in the past 13 years, even though they have went out of their way to harassmy wife, and myself,  UNTIL they started calling the police on me.   I even knew that they were contacting friends and family of mine in those years, and still never publicly responded.  Heck, I didn’t even respond privately, because of how petty and transparent they were.  But when they started calling the police on me, and trying to make public records with arrests and police reports, that is when I stepped up to clear it up.   I blew the spot on this snitch.   I will testify under oath that he is a police snitch, a liar, and that the things he has been spreading around about me are not true.  But if anyone has any questions, my record is publicly available, and so is his.  My name is Ryan Thompson, and I was born March 1977 (there are a lot of people out there with my name, so make sure you get the right one).   The only convictions that I have on my record, is a few misdemeanor pot tickets from 1997-1999, and I served 8 months in jail on those tickets.  I never snitched, and I never would.   But this brother in law, won’t handle his own business, he is more than happy to have the police handle his business (or his step daddy).

I have been working on lie detection algorithms and many other groups, schools, and companies are as well.   I really think this kind of technology is important for weeding out informants, and counter-intelligence pros from freedom organizations.

See this blog about that;  Emotional Observation Technology Moves Forward – Lie Detection

Eventually Lie Detection technology will be 100% accurate.  It is already admissable in court, and the military uses it.  But eventually there will be a consumer/public version of this that anyone can use, that will be 100% accurate.  While that seems scary, or like an invasion of privacy, the fact is that it is already here and no one can do anything to stop the technology from evoloving.

I made a satirical video blog about this troll/informant/snitch that I reference above, if you want a laugh;  https://opinions.clovisstar.com/satire-video-blogs/

One more video proving how they attempting to get my wife arrested on conspiracy to commit murder charges, and I prove how they lied by showing the legit facts.


Brandon Wade Hertel Cases sealed by the court

Brandon Wade Hertel Cases sealed by the court

More information;