Patriarchy runs the world, so check your white male privilege

I always thought that CopperCab on Youtube was a joke.  When South Park did a parody on this boy when he did his bit on “Gingers have souls”, and then South Park’s parody came out, and when I watched Copper Cab’s original video, I thought for sure he was fake or that this was some kind of a joke.   But the more I have paid attention to him, he seems like he is totally serious.
He know has music videos out, one of them is “white knight”, where he claims to be a “hero for the girls”, but “sexually they ain’t interested”.    His whole gig is a persona of being a victim, and those that he fights for AKA “the girls” are also victims.  He main theme these days is “Patriarchy runs the world, so check your white male privilege”    Anyway, I did a little broadcast on this, because he reminds me so much of someone in my family, who is just as angry, and just as much of a victim as this guy.   However, what I do like about the CopperCab phenomenon, is this shows how social media, and how the free market can turn someone like this, into a product that sells, and how the freemarket can turn just about anything in to an opportunity.  Yay capitalism!

CopperCab White Knight

CopperCab White Knight


After a discussion with my friend on facebook, we spoke about the issue with women not being in politics as much as men, and about how women make less than men, and also how businesses should allow women to breast feed in the work place.

I gave her some facts, and corrected some of these ideals,

Most how breast feeding makes humans healthier and more productive, and this is one of the most important developing times of a child’s life is during the time that they should be breastfed.

Here are the references that I used in my video.