Pocatello Harass Senior Citizens

In recent years the Pocatello Idaho police department have conducted many stop and ask detainment’s of the citizens of Pocatello Idaho.  This stops range from stopping older members of the community who are businesses owners of downtown retail stores in their 50’s and 60’s and detaining them for over an hours for questionable reasons, to stopping and questioning law abiding citizens who were merely filming federal buildings, which is well within their rights, and arresting them under the premise of a crime such as “public voyeurism”.  There are so many cases of the Pocatello city police engaging in questionable activity, even one such incident where the Pocatello police cited a man a near $300 fine for simply shoveling his elderly neighbor’s driveway for free.
The problem with these incidents in Pocatello and also around the country, is that these charges typically cost citizens time off work for either a trip to jail, or time fighting the phony charges in court, and more often than not these charges do not carry any legal authority to begin with, but police have a golden ticket that they are allowed to be ignorant of the law, despite that ignorance of the law is no excuse for citizens.

When the police officers are clearly wrong, the police chief in Pocatello stands by the unconstitutional actions of his officers regardless of his oath to the constitution and his oath to protect and serve the citizens in which he has been appointed to protect and serve.

I have said for a very long time now, that if lawyers must be educated and tested on their knowledge of the law, then so should police officers.  Lawyers require graduate and post graduate educations, law school and they must pass the attorney bar in their state of practice.   A police officer only need go through police academy, which does not include education in law.

Citizens of Pocatello are banding together currently to file a lawsuit against the city of Pocatello, and the underlying motive is to get the city council and Pocatello Police Department to require legal education of the new recruits and their currently employed officers.  If a lawyer is required to have legal education, the officers that enforce the law, and who carry more legal authority than lawyers do, should at very least have as much education as a lawyer does.   A lawyer can defend against charges given, but a police officer can ruin someone’s life, even in ignorance.   The balance of authority must also be accompanied by knowledge and trust.

If you or anyone else is interested in being a part of a lawsuit against the city of Pocatello Idaho, please contact Ryan at Clovis Star  208-269-8410.
Read more on this here:  https://opinions.clovisstar.com/lawsuit

It is time to give this country back to “we the people” and restore our liberty and our constitution!

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