Pocatello Police at it again, more misconduct, and another false arrest

This is a word to the wise, when it comes to living in, being in, or traveling through Pocatello Idaho.   If ever you have interaction with the police, ANY questioning of their almighty authority is going to get you physically or your rights abused by the police.   This has been my experience with the police living in Pocatello for the 12 months that I lived there.

In the 12 months that I lived in Pocatello, I wrote about the harassment by the Pocatello police over and over.  In my 38 years, I have never had as many traffic stops, or tickets ON MY OWN PROPERTY more than those 12 months COMBINED.   I had 7 infractions given to me, ranging from the police coming to my house, taking my dog off my porch and giving me “dog at large” citations, and then I got two tickets on my own property where the city did not even have a legal easement (those tickets where thrown out), and after this at the end of our stay in Pocatello, I was assaulted in the “bad area” of Pocatello, AT MY OWN HOME, and in the police interviews the perpetrator admits to instigating the fight, pursuing to my house, and assaulting me, yet the police charged me with “disorderly conduct”.

So that sets the premise for what I am about to write about this new case in Pocatello where an officer gets his feelings hurt, and then elbows a suspect while the suspect is immobilized and flat on his face pushed into a police car with brutal force.

So that is why say that if you insult or question the authority of the police in Pocatello Idaho, you are likely to be on the bad end of some fake criminal charges, or at the bad end of someone’s fist on the police department.

Police or sympathizers may say “Oh you just do not like police, that is why you get so many problems with them”.  That is not in any way true.  In 2011 we wrote a newspaper called “The High Desert Trading Post”, and I specifically wrote an article thanking the local police department and sheriff for patrolling my business, and being friendly.   Ref;

Thank You Modoc Police

Thank You Modoc Police

Many times have I sponsored community events and I have worked closely with public servants and I have had good relationships with police.   But the Pocatello Police department have proven to me to be completely out of control, with an attitude of being above the law.

I have been reporting this about the Pocatello Police, and that is why I believe that they [The Pocatello Police] have retaliated against me so much.

This was the beginning of my reviewing and criticizing the Pocatello Police, by reviewing their budget.  This article was written in September 2014.

Pocatello Police Budget Under Review

Pocatello Police Budget Under Review

Even in that article, I gave Lt. Nelson a positive review for being “Very nice“.

I feel like I have been very fair and balanced in my reviews of the police departments that I have reviewed, and I have given more positive reviews than negative over the years, as I have demonstrated above.

After writing those newspaper articles I continuously have been harrassed by the Pocatello Police to a point that I sold my business, sold my 5 plex and left Pocatello.

Here are the reports about the false charges that they gave me after I was assaulted by a third party IN MY OWN HOME.


Civil Rights Violated in Pocatello Idaho – For Immediate Release

The prosecutor accepted my extortion money and dismissed my charges

In the years past, I have protested in Idaho from time to time about drug laws, and victim-less crime.

Tax Day Protest in SE Idaho for marijuana

420 Protest in Idaho Falls at Drug Court on 4/20/2009



Now about this new incident with Pocatello police harassing, abusing and kidnapping and charging an innocent citizen with brutal force.

Detective Steven Westfall Pocatello Police


When asked in the police media conference, Chief Marchand refused to give the name of the suspect.

However, when this all gets settled, I hope that this man’s fake charges are dropped, and that justice is served on Detective Steven Westfall for violating this man’s rights and assaulting him.

Watching the video above makes it clear that this man’s rights were violated from the very beginning, even before the assault.

Reference to this whole story;

Pocatello Idaho Police misconduct, excessive force and suppression

From xcannabis.com;

“Unfortunately for the fine citizens of Pocatello Idaho, the police force is at it again with violating people’s rights for victimless “crimes”.  In this case, they violated a man’s rights for absolutely no reason, accusing him of #1.  Having a knife (that he didn’t have, and that is NOT illegal to have), and #2, Trespassing on public property.

Neither one of these charges are truly “crimes”, and the only people resisting and causing disorder are the police (of course).

But yet they smashed this guy’s face, kidnapped him, and put him in jail with a potential concussion after he did NOTHING WRONG, simply because he questioned their ultimate authority.”

Here is some more details on this case against Detective Steven Westfall