Police shoot an innocent bystander and give multiple conflicting reports as to how

It appears that once again with the Pocatello police department in Pocatello Idaho there is another case of excessive force, and police are giving multiple contrary reports to the media as to how and why an innocent bystander (meaning someone that was not a criminal, not suspected of a crime, and who did not threaten or harm police) got shot.  In fairness it was the Idaho State Police that employeed the three officers that opened fire on these two young adults in a crowded residential area.  However it is Pocatello police that are covering up for them.

At first the police reported that they were pulling over a suspect who had warrants for his arrest, based on a visual identification of the subject.  When the suspect pulled over, the police surrounded him with multiple officers.  They claimed in their original report that the suspect exchanged gun fire with the police, and therefore one of the bullets from the police side of the exchange hit the young woman, as you can see from this police report.

A few days later, the police held another news conference and recanted their statement about the shooting being an exchange of bullets with the suspect, and rather they claimed that after they surrounded the suspect, the suspect revved his engine (apparently giving warning to the police), and then after revving the engine for an undocumented amount of time, took off.
The police say now that it was not gun fire, but that the suspect hit one of their officers as he was pulling away from the police stop.  They did not say if the police officer attempted to move after the suspect revved his engine, they do not say if the officer was harmed at all, in fact I requested a FOIA release of the evidence and dashcam video and the police declined to give it to me, pending their “investigation”.   However, they did release a statement to the media declaring that the police were justified in shooting the unarmed, innocent bystander in the car that allegedly hit one of their officers.

So at this point we have no idea why this young woman by the name of Shaylee Williamson was shot by police.  We do know that she was not armed, and she was not wanted police for anything.  I also did a search of the record of the man who the police say was wanted Rocco Chacon Jr, and I could not find any violence or any crimes on his record where there were any sort of a victim.  It appears that his crimes are mostly drug related.  You can look his record up at:  www.idcourts.us, in case maybe I missed something.

Highland High School and Gate City Elementary School were put on a high security alert because of their close proximity to the incident, after 3 police officers opened fire in a residential neighborhood on an unarmed suspect.

Personally I am a little torn on this issue.  When there are trigger happy police surrounding your car, and they look like they want to kill you, do you wait or do you protect yourself?

In fact before I learned about this situation with the Idaho State Police shooting an innocent 20 year old girl in the case above, I had written an email to Pocatello Police and Pocatello City Council regarding their jack booted thug antics with local citizens, in fact local business owners who contribute donations to the city for a number of causes.

Here is my letter to Pocatello police and city council on March 3oth 2017;

The Delicate Relationship Between the Police and the Public

RE: http://www.pocatelloshops.com/new_blogs/politics/?p=14826

This article is spot on for how many of your officers behave.  The author visited with Chief Marchand who convinced him that this was “an anomaly”, however I beg to differ.  Your police department is one of the most aggressive and least respectful police departments that I have ever come in contact with.

I have literally been all over the world.  I just got back from the UK in fact.   I make it a point now to speak with police, after have many negative encounters with your police department in the 12 months that we lived in Pocatello.  I keep thinking to myself  “certainly this is just the way police must behave for some reason”.   I assure you it is not.  Your police department and nearly every member of your police department including and specifically your Chief and Officer Tyler Evans remind me of thugs from a street gang.

Clean up your act.


Ryan Thompson


To be completely transparent, I do not not the victims of this police shooting, or the suspect.  I have never heard their names before in my life.  I am just aware of the iron fist of the Pocatello police, and it seems to me that they are not obeying their oath to protect and serve.  I will continue to report on their department and I will hope and pray that they clean up their act.

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