Poor in America – Food stamps vs bankruptcy

After I recently was displaced from my job after a horrible car accident, I have been in a position of being unemployed with a family of six, with four kids under the age of 11.  This isn’t a completely foreign situation for me to be in, as my parents lived in similar situations, and on government assistance.  But I have tried to handle it differently.   Since 2.5 years ago when I was in a horrible fatal car accident that killed the other party, and nearly killed me, and broke over 45 bones in my body and left me with orthopedic metal implants to hold my bones together, I have tried to forge forward and make frugal choices so that I do not have to ask for a government handout.   But shortly after my accident, I had a family member write me a pretty crass email cussing me out about a bankruptcy that I had taken out in 2009 (nearly 5 years earlier at the time).  Among other things, I was shamed for this bankruptcy.

But today, as I have been weathering a financial storm, I am proud that despite my bank account has been in the negative several times, and despite that I haven’t had money to go shopping for food, that I have not accepted government handouts, none what-so-ever.

With nearly 50,000,000 Americans on food stamps at current, and with over 70 million federal government checks being sent out every month for assistance.  It is more important than ever for our country to be self sustaining without holding our hands out for freebies from the government.   As our national debt rises, our security in regards to defending against enemies or foreign interests abroad weakens.   At 19 trillion dollars, our national debt is nearly twice as high as it was during the last administration.   Which means in just one administration, our national debt has risen more than ALL other administrations combined, or at least it will by January 2017 when the current administration leaves office and is replaced by another bunch of idiots.

So as an idealist, and as a concerned citizen, I have refused any welfare.   I squirreled food provisions away, and other hard assets that I could sell at a later time.   This has gotten us through.  I’ve sold my guns, and my business supplies, and I have a few other things to sell off if needed.   But if I would have just taken government assistance, I wouldn’t have had to sell anything.   I currently qualify for over $2600 per month for government assistance.
I used a food stamp calculator online to determine that I qualify for $900 per month in food stamp benefits, $1300 in child care assistance, $500 roughly in utility assistance, and up to $860 per month of rent assistance (if I needed to rent).    So $2600 is bare minimum, and I could easily get up to $3000 per month if I tried.   But I have taken ZERO!

But now we compare this to the Chapter 13 bankruptcy that a relative has recently shamed me for.   With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a person must pay back their debts in a structured payment plan.  For me, it was $600 per pay check for 3.5 years, before I satisfied all of my debts, and had the bankruptcy get discharged.
So who got hurt with my bankruptcy?  The people I owed?  No, they got paid.  The bankruptcy court?  No they also got 10% of the settlement.  The tax payer?  No, they paid nothing.   So who did I hurt?  What did I take away from society?   I hear this about Donald Trump all of the time.   His companies had taken out a Chapter 11.  But that is the same as a Chapter 13, where you pay your debts back.   But with food stamps, that money doesn’t have to be repaid, that comes right out of the general fund, that could otherwise be used for infrastructure, or job creation.  But instead it is going to people who don’t have to pay it back, and often end up lifers, or generational government dependents.

I think that community resources such as churches or private organizations are much more effective at helping people get back on their feet than the cold, faceless government, with ‘never ending’ resources.   Such as before this country had all of this socialism.   This country before socialism, had brought more people out of poverty than ANY other system known in history.   This country before socialism, created more technological and medical innovations than any other system in history.   I think that system, before 1913, was a much more effective and “fair” system.  Now we have cronyism and welfare.  Not just individual welfare, but also corporate welfare (cronyism).    That is not how this country became great!

This is my video that I made today on the subject

Poor in America  Food stamps vs bankruptcy

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Total Federal Spending USA

Total Federal Spending USA

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