Popular Social Media outlets banning conservatives

This is nothing new, as for over a year we have heard about Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter banning conservatives in media.  
There is plenty of evidence of this, and at this point in time Wikipedia does not have a complete list of people who have been banned that are conservative, and for simply being conservative and nothing more.   There is a pretty comprehensive list going at Wikipedia, but it is not nearly complete.   In this article I will attempt to document as many as I am aware of, and I will try to give sources for the reasons as to why.  

That being said, conservatives are starting their own platforms for social media, an endeavor that I have been working on for many o’years.  I have 42 domain names right now.  At present my anti-conservative trolls know of only about 12, and that is because I have actively been publishing them and cross referencing them.  However I have about 30 that I have been spending time on in the background, just getting them ready for prime time.   I am close but not close enough to reveal all of my projects yet.

I will point out a few projects that I am working on a new reveal for however, and I will produce that reveal in the next 30-60 days.  

My first one is a libertarian/conservative/cannabis business hub at:   https://slu2.com  
It has also been known as “Sensi Life You Too” and when I first bought it in 2002, I lived in Salt Lake City, so it was “Salt Lake You Too”.   
In the coming months it will take on a new purpose. 

The second one is:  https://filmcraze.com
This one will remain with a similar purpose as to what it current is, however it will take on a new platform and presentation in the coming months.
This site promotes media from sources like Youtube, and Dailymotion.  Soon we will be adding sources like:  www.Steemit.comwww.d.tube.com
When I have taken on the task of moving all of my youtube content to Dailymotion, and d.tube, I will be removing youtube as a source from FilmCraze.

I have published information about this shift for longer than a year, however the hurricane(s) that we survived in Puerto Rico put both my development and my Brexit documentary on hold for awhile.  

Reference this video from January 2017;

Alternative Platform for Clovis Star Media

Back to the anti-conservative bias on many of the larger social media platforms.

In January journalist James O’Keefe with Project Veritas has been exposing Twitter and other social media outlets for applying both manual labor and automatic algorithms to specifically target conservative and Christian speech on their platform and applying “shadow bans” to conservative content.

Conservative Social Media Accounts Banned

Conservative Social Media Accounts Banned


UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Twitter Engineers To “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning,” Algorithms to Censor Opposing Political Opinions – Project Veritas


In the Wired article above you will find references to a host of other liberal social media platforms that give similar guidelines to their employees, namely Facebook, Google and Youtube.

Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News – Gizmodo

Twitter purges accounts, and conservatives cry foul – POLITICO

Twitter stock plunges as conservatives purged – WND.com

This brings me to new Conservative News outlets that are forming, and some that exist that are becoming more popular.

First of all, I will say that I am no fan of Alex Jones.  I think he is funny, just like I think shock jock radio host Howard Stern is funny.  But I don’t take either Alex or Howard seriously.
Despite that I think Alex is a joke in a lot of ways, it is interesting how InfoWars and PrisonPlanet has grown in popularity in recent years.   

But on to serious conservative media outlets.   For example, Conservative Review aka  www.crtv.com
This platform has taken on some of the refugees from Twitter, Google and Youtube, and it is bound to take on more.

I was amazed to see Stephen Crowder banned from twitter recently.  While he is irreverent to the new class of social justice, he is hilarious and does not use fake news, shock jock tactics or misinformation like such channels as the Young Turks do.



This is also a list of generally accepted “conservative news” sources, although I don’t classify all of them as such.
However this is the top 100 from The New Revere (click)

As for those conservatives getting banned on social media.   I will give a few sources, since it seems that even as I write this article more people are getting penalized by these outlets.

Here is a list of Twitter suspensions on Wikipedia, although as you will see that even Stephen Crowder is not listed there;  


While this is from 2017, it is interesting


I recently published proof that I have atheists and anti-conservative lunatics attacking my media with vote botting, in at attempt to get my channel banned.

So with that, I will be happy to be working on my own media outlets.

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