Public complaint against Officer Tyler Evans

This is a letter to:

Donna Monroe <>,
“Evans, Travis” <>,
“Schei, Roger” <>,,,
Ian Johnson <>,
“Ferris, Nancy” <>

Just because I realize this complaint against officer Tyler Evans will go no where.  This police department is obviously not concerned about the rule of law.
I am writing Tyler, his captain, and the chief with a letter to explain to Mr. Evans, who appears to not be educated on the law in the situation that he addressed between myself and Joseph Radeck, what the law actually is.

This is the police report (that is half-assed completed IMHO);

At the bottom of this, I referenced the supreme court case that recently supports my assertion that I did nothing wrong, and that I was accused of a false crime.

Now if Mr. Evans and anyone else is interested.  Mr. Evans got it right on the first visit to my house after the altercation happened with myself and Joseph Radeck.

First at minute 20:13 of this video, during the interview with Mr. Evans, myself and my wife.   I made it clear that I wasn’t trying to hurt Joe, I didn’t press charges against him when Mr. Evans offered.  I wasn’t trying to be a dick. I was at my own house, minding my own business, when myself and my 3 year old son were assaulted and harmed;

(I noticed in Mr. Evans police report that he didn’t include that my son was harmed.  However, both my wife and I told him that my son was harmed during the first and subquential interviews with Mr. Evans.   Mr. Evans just said in his report “the 3 year old’s sandwich got knocked out of his hand”, which that was only a small part of our testimony)

At minute 20:55 Mr. Evans said that we “do have up to a year to file charges of battery”, which the next day on February 17th, I told him that I do want to file charges, because Joseph and his wife Donna continued to harass us. That is still the case today, I want to file charges of battery against Joseph Radeck.

At minute 23:20, my wife says “legally, Ryan can say whatever he wants on social media”, and Mr. Evans agreed “absolutely”.   (he got that RIGHT at first)

At minute 23:40 he advised that you can’t threaten someone.  I said “I asked my brother-in-law to box”, and Mr. Evans says  “There is a difference between asking someone if they want to fight, and threatening someone”


Which he got that right too.  Sport boxing is not against the law.  It is not anymore against the law to ask someone to sport box, than it is to ask someone to play tackle football.    Plus, what compounds this, is that it wasn’t me instigating a fight.  The fight was brought to me.   I was just offering to change the venue for a fight that Joe Radeck even told Officer Evans that he wanted in the first place.

Ref:  At minute 33:00 he admits to instigating the fight, and he admits to “I told those two boys they should just box it out”

At minute 24:30 I clarified with Mr. Evans  “Is it legal to box“, and his response is “ya, ya, you’re right, it is”

At minute 24:45 Mr. Evans explains  “Where he comes in to your house, he grabs you, and he brings the fight to you, that is battery

And this is where we went on to explain that “He assaulted our children, and hurt them”, (third time we have told him this), and yet Mr. Evans conveniently left that out of his police report.

If I were an officer investigating a crime such as this, and someone told me that children got hurt.  That would be my BIGGEST concern.

Officer Evans clearly wasn’t concerned at all.  Not even enough to put it in the police report.

And the Officer Evans asserts again that we could pursue charges, as it is “our decision to make”.

Minute 25:05

At minute 29:00 Joe Radeck reveals  “I walked up to him kind of briskly, and he went to push me, and it looked like he was going to hit me, so I put him in a headlock”

He is not saying that I DID push him, or that I DID hit him, he said “it looked like” as if I hadn’t done anything by the time he grabbed me.   He makes it sound like he walked towards me in a threatening manner, and that I was preparing to defend myself.  Naturally.   Except, I was bent over my computer, trying to show him a video, (verified by multiple witnesses) and I didn’t even see him coming when he grabbed me and started choking me.

At minute 29:09 he admits that he threatened bodily harm on me and admits he told me “Im going to choke you out”

At minute 29:25, Joe changes his story  (this is not noted in Officer Evans report, but its clear his story changes).  At first Joe says “it looked like he was going to”, and now he says “he put his hands on me first”.   Within 15 seconds, Joe tells officer Evans two different/conflicting stories.  And you can hear it in Officer Evans voice, that he doesn’t believe him either.

I just got all of the discovery from Joseph Radeck case  (what little they would send me, I am still missing some audio recordings that are referenced in the report).

Joe claims that we sent him threatening voicemails, and emails.   Yet in the police report when officer Evans asks to come over to the house to collect the evidence.  Joe declines to give it to him.  (because there was none)

Then officer Evans  (knowing already that Joe is lying in this case), goes off of hearsay, with no evidence, and assumes apparently that Joe is telling the truth, and decides to charge me with disorderly conduct.

I have PLENTY of evidence, and witnesses describing the assault and battery that Joe committed against myself and my 3 year old son.  I want him charged with assault and or battery.

I am not giving you hearsay, or non-substantiated evidence.  I have made a clear case, with plenty of evidence and plenty of witnesses.

Here are 3 witnesses and I can provide more if you need it.   This video was made on February 17th 2015.

(censored because of minors in the video)

Now in Officer Evans report, he makes it sound like I changed my story.  Because I was not entirely sure when I sent the message to Joe, offering him a different venue.  It was a matter of 10 minutes that I was unsure of.

When he called me and said  “did you send a message offering to box Joseph Radeck”.   I said “Ya, but I think I sent that before you arrived.  Why?”

Officer Evans said  “Joe said you sent it after”.  I said “Ok, let me check”.   And I did while on the call with Officer Evans, and I said “Oh ya, it looks like I did”.  It all happened within the same hour of the assault, and within like 10 minutes of Officer Evans coming to my house, where he advised me it was “legal to do so“.

Officer Evans said “ok, that disqualifies you from filing charges”.  I said to Officer Evans  “you told me it was ok to offer that venue“.  He said “no I didn’t”  and I said “officer Evans, I am sure this whole thing is recorded, and yes you did”.  (it was in the discovery evidence of his interview with me, where he said it)

That is where Officer Evans claims that I called him a liar.   I did not call him I liar, I simply tried to jog his memory.

Reference what I posted above.

Now for Officer Evan’s files here >   What I did is NOT ILLEGAL, it is NOT DISORDERLY CONDUCT, and I should have never been charged. <

I wrote this on my blog that you can reference here;

“It is extremely clear based on the discovery evidence (what little that I was given) that Joe Radeck took accountability for instigating the fight, and for pursuing me to my house, and assaulting me. So I did nothing to incite a fight, it was brought to me.

Secondly, it is extremely clear that the Supreme Court has in fact already made a decision on a similar matter where a man was charged with threatening his ex-wife with murder and violence on facebook, but the Supreme Court ruled that this speech was protected by the 1st Amendment. My speech was only to offer the person who assaulted myself and my 3 year old son a different venue for a fight that he clearly told police was something that he wanted and that he pursued. I did this to protect my family, from having the same violence show up at my doorstep again. I offered sport boxing in a regulated boxing ring at the local boxing club. Boxing is not a crime it is a sport, and offering a different venue for a fight that the other party wanted is not a threat and is not a crime.

Ref; “

What I want is to file battery charges against Joseph Radeck, for the assault above that he brought to my house uninvited.  Why?  Because Joe not only hurt my son, attacked me, and screamed at my wife, but it is also clear that he is using the police to harass us, by calling the police on us at very least THREE TIMES over this one incident, and apparently, according to the police report, he had called the police on us several times before this (when the police told him that I have rights).  If it takes returning the favor, to get him to leave us alone, that is what we will do.

I also want to file a complaint on officer Evans, for suppressing evidence, falsifying a police report, and for failing to protect me in a time of violence and danger to my family, by not charging Joseph Radeck with Battery, as we originally spoke about.  

I am a tax payer, and I want this dealt with.

I will be on radio shows over the next few weeks.  I have already been on a few over this.  And I will continue to speak out until this is handled by your police department.

I also want the rest of the recordings via the discovery request that I already filed.  There were multiple phone calls from officer Evans that were not included.


Very Sincerely,

Ryan Thompson

Case update for me (Ryan Thompson)

I was of course found “Not Guilty”, and of course Joseph Radeck was found “Guilty” in this case.

Ryan Thompson found not guilty

Ryan Thompson found not guilty

Joseph Radeck of Pocatello Found Guilty

Joseph Radeck of Pocatello Found Guilty

P.S.   The kid who sic’d his daddy on me has a little record of his own.  Since this incident occurred I have had him calling the police on me, even while we lived in Maine 3000 miles away from him.

This is a bit of his long record of “harassment”, and “false accusations”

In order to confirm these charges, you can go to:

If the records are not easy to find the way to look them up is to go to:  Search By Case Number >

Year 2002 - Case # 0001846

Year > 2002 | Case > 0001846 | County > Bannock



At this point, the search is useless, some of the cases beyond 3 years are not listed.  But I can give you a full list as I was able to do a background search on this kid, when he was calling the police on me, and sending his daddy to my house to fight me.

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