Questions about the science of creation. My answers

Questions about the science of creation.  I warn this is not well written, and I am not going to improvise or correct anything, this is a comment from one of my latest youtube videos;

“Only someone wired up to a chocolate bar could believe religious & Hilarious tales:- that jesus died on a torturing device, then 3 days after death he turned himself into a full flying Zombie floated up from tomb & flew into sky up to clouds. ‘WEIRD’ People in churches hold cannibalistic rituals eating & vampire drinking flesh & blood from his 2000 year old cadaver, they call it transubstantiation & they share out bits of dead jesus for all the congregation to eat. All new born babies are born Guilty but a sprinkle of magic water changes the verdict to innocent saving new born baby from severe punishment. They sprinkle on coffins too. ‘BIZARRE’ Jesus must have been great guest at a party at a wedding party in Isreal when wine supply ran out jesus pointed at water jugs & they poofed in full jugs of wine, the party went on all night all had great time. At a picnic when food ran out he pointed at empty basket & zapped it into full basket of never ending supply of fish sandwiches to feed over 4000. ‘LUDICROUS’

My answers;

So what you posted has nothing to do with this video, me or my belief system. So I made a video to correct you.

This is the video:

As well as the response below.

As for believing the cannonized Bible as compiled in the King James Version.  I have criticized that all of my life. Before and after believing in theism and certainly recently. For 80% of my life I have had plenty of the same criticisms.

Do I believe the Catholic version? No.
Do I believe in a creator? Certainly.
Will I prove it to you?  I have given my evidence.  You are welcome to take it, or leave it.  I have no motivation or incentive to prove it to you.

First of all, this video that I made explains why I do not feel it is my job to convince you or anyone of creation:

This is a website that you can go to learn more about my beliefs regarding Jesus.

This is my view of how there are many faiths, but one creator.

This is my video from years ago regarding the science of creation;

And this is a video that I made to attempt to reason with Richard Dawkins, and other unreasonable atheists.

When you speak about miracles, or unlikely events.  I have some of the same questions and skepticism.  I do not believe it at face value.  

There are a lot of conflicting ideas and attributes that people assign to Gnostics, which again is why I am not a bonified member of this tradition, or of any other.   But I do find a lot of truth and logic in Gnostic teachings.

A few of the contrary thoughts on gnostics can be found at the two links below;

Regardless of which brand of Christianity that you align with, they will all almost always disagree about gnostic teachings being true or historically accurate.   However I contend that the Council of Nicaea had a lot of problems and their selections for inclusion in the Biblical compilation had flaws.  First of all the gnostic writings pre-date the manuscripts used in the council of Nicaea, some by a few hundred years, and were much closer to Jesus’s time.   I was blessed to have encountered some of these ancient writings of Christians from the first century at the  Chester Beatty Library in Dublin in March of 2017.   It was an interesting experience and I recommend it to anyone interested in Biblical history.  In fact there is a huge collection of ancient works from almost every culture.

I have created some playlists to expound on these ideas and faith traditions;
I have time in my life to continue to learn, and that is what I will do.  
The reason that I don’t make a ton of videos being critical of pre-mature beliefs like evolution and abiogenesis, is becuase that is not my path.  Most of what I have created and displayed on youtube recently is becuase I have a hyper in-law that has desperately tried for 15 years to hurt myself, his sister and our family.   So I have tried to accomodate some questions and criticism from him and his ilk on youtube.  However for the most part of my youtube experience, this has not been a frequent of a topic.
However, I do see this pursuit for knowledge as a worthy endeavor, regardless of the motivation.  So happy hunting!

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