Quick Lesson in Internet security

Nearly all computers on the market are vulnerable to viruses, and remote attacks.
It is important to use a firewall, a good virus protection software, and a VPN if you want really solid security.
Some people choose to establish hardware firewall layers on top of the software layers.  Which is a good idea, but can become costly.
Reference;  Example of a good Cisco firewall Not cheap.   But it never hurts to get as good as you can afford.  You don’t want someone spending money on your bank account, or whatever else.
And stay away from free download sites and porn websites, probably 95% of those sites have viruses that they will give you, just like in real life with real life whores.  Just stay away, if you value the integrity of your data, and credentials, etc.

I am currently testing Comodo Free Firewall | Firewall Protection Software for PC and I really like what I see so far.  I have also used avast.com and AVG I did not sign up for their particular VPN service, but they do offer it..  However,  I have signed up for other VPS services.  I have used HMA *Hide My Ass, and a few other similar services.   I have also tried The Tor Project.  It never hurts to take extra precautions.   Tor Project recommends a live USB Operating system, something like TAILS, or Kali Linux.   

In this cyber age, there are hackers, both government funded and private. What is hilarious is reading this headline;  FBI struggling to hire hackers who haven’t smoked cannabis.

Hahaha.  Its the FBI bringing it over the border in some cases, right?  You telling me they don’t sample the product man?
I credit “marijuana for saving my life” by getting me rejected for military duty when I tried to enlist as a young adult.  I could have came home maimed, PTSD, dead, who knows, but worst of all, I may have had to kill someone, and I wouldn’t be the same after that.  So I am glad in a lot of ways that I was rejected because of my pot ticket, and I credit “marijuana for saving my life.  On multiple occasions

Anyway, it’s worth your time to investigate getting tighter security and best practices established for your computer use.  For all reasons that you can think of.   For example, I had a bitcoin wallet hacked in 2014 and I lost $600.  The computer didn’t have a proper firewall installed, and it was my stupid mistake for not encrypting the wallet immediately and making a backup.
But you live and you learn, so I am just passing my knowledge on to you.


Rev.  Ryan