“Racist” is the new “Communist”, CIA and FBI CoIntelPro tactics

The CIA invented terms like “conspiracy theorist“, and used campaigns labeling people as “communist“, not because those things were genuinely true, or if they were, it wasn’t as negative as these government campaigns made it out to be.
It was just a way to disassemble someone. Similar to how these false accusations of “racism” is meant to do the same thing.

For many years in this country there were few things more deplorable than calling someone a “commie” or a “communist”.   To me, this is still a pretty derogatory term, but not for the same reason as existed in the 1960’s.   However this campaign by the CIA was a method of reducing a political movement, when labeling someone a “communist”.  Even if the political movement didn’t represent communism, or anything like it.  The cointelpro campaigns that were designed to paint groups as “communist” was simply a way of disassembling the group.

Counter Intelligence Programs

Counter Intelligence Programs

Some one can have an opinion such as “Trayvon Martin was a racist and a thug, and was in the wrong when he attacked George Zimmerman”, and they are automatically called a “racist”, even though all 3 points were true.

Trayvon was a racist. He told his friend Rachel Jeantel who he was on the phone with that George Zimmerman (also half black) was a “creepy ass cracka“, right before brutally assaulting George Zimmerman.

Yet even though Trayvon used racial slurs to describe his victim and even though it was Trayvon that brutally attacked the black man George Zimmerman. Some how it was Zimmerman and anyone who sided with Zimmerman that was racist.  (ref;  George Zimmerman’s gun is a symbol of racism)

That is just one bit of anecdotal evidence of this new and bizzar narrative in our country that is being pushed by the elite like George Soros; (to cause discord in our country).

This is why I say the term “racist” is the new “communist“.

At very least, not everyone is buying this new hoax.  Even some celebrities are rejecting this synthetic movement;


This is a video that I made to explain why I still personally feel the label communist is unsavory.

How Capitalism Was Reborn in Cuba – Ryan Thompson 01/2013

Always doubt, and always do your own research, if you want reliable information.
Everyone has a bias of their own.  There are many advanced tools for researching everything for yourself.  Instead of relying on Main Stream Media (MSM), which only 6 companies own most of the media in the world.   They have bought up all of the small entities, and made them be under just 6 different corps.   Thousands of news paper controlled by 6 corporations,  It’s hard to let that sink in.  Do your own media, and research.   Fight for your right to speak, by speaking.

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