Report from Puerto Rico – FEMA and Military may pull away soon

According to President Trump and other represantives and top advisors, it is being said that the military and FEMA may pull away soon.   


President Trump warned Thursday that FEMA and the U.S. military can’t provide aid to Puerto Rico “forever,” even as the hurricane-battered island struggles to provide power, water and other basic services three weeks after the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly addressed the issue at a press briefing later in the day, saying the tweet was “exactly accurate,” that the goal of an emergency worker is to “work yourself out of a job.” 

“Our country will stand with those American citizens in Puerto Rico until the job is done,” Kelly said.

With threats like this, and regarding what President Trump said when he visited Puerto Rico.  

Trump to Puerto Rico: ‘You’ve thrown our budget out of whack’

One has to start looking at the big picture.

Congress passed a $36.5 billion aid package to be distributed between hurricane Harvey effected areas, Western Fire Fighting services and repairs, and some for Puerto Rico.   In comparison to a storm that was not nearly as destructive as Maria, Hurricane Katrina recovery was given over $110 billion dollars. 


The legislative aid package totals $36.5 billion and sticks close to a White House request. For now, it ignores huge demands from the powerful Florida and Texas delegations, which together pressed for some $40 billion more.

A steady series of disasters could put 2017 on track to rival Hurricane Katrina and other 2005 storms as the most costly set of disasters ever. Katrina required about $110 billion in emergency appropriations.

The bill combines $18.7 billion for the Federal Emergency Management Agency with $16 billion to permit the financially troubled federal flood insurance program pay an influx of Harvey-related claims. An additional $577 million would pay for western firefighting efforts.

Up to $5 billion of the FEMA money could be used to help local governments remain functional as they endure unsustainable cash shortfalls in the aftermath of Maria, which has choked off revenues and strained resources.

Now we need to look at foreign aid and foreign military spending.  Why are we dishing out more money to places that do not pay any taxes, when Puerto Rico pays nearly 4 billion in taxes every year?

I like what Rand Paul said about cutting foreign aid, to rebuild hurricane disaster areas.


In 2015 the US gave $30 billion to foreign nations;

Last year, it gave over $30 billion either as bilateral aid or through international organizations such as the World Bank or UN.

However on top of the aid listed above, a military aid package was passed in 2016 to give Israel 38 billion more in military aid.


WASHINGTON — The United States agreed Wednesday to provide Israel a record $38 billion in new military aid over the next decade. The pact is a sign of the two nations’ close alliance despite major differences over Iran’s nuclear program and other policies.

The agreement, which equates to $3.8 billion a year, is the largest bilateral military aid package ever and includes $5 billion for missile defense, additional F-35 joint strike fighters and increased mobility for its ground forces.

It does not make sense to me to give all of this foreign aid to governments and countries that do not do nearly as much or do pay taxes to the US like Puerto Rico does.

Yes the infrastructure is weak, it has to do with high taxation and trade laws like the Jones act, as well as improperly borrowed money.  The federal government can make major changes with all three of those things.

Now lets look at Puerto Rico today


More than 85% of the island is without power services.  Over 60% of the island is without water services.  Over 80% of the island is without any communications including cell phone services.  

Juncos Puerto Rico after Hurricane MariaOn a brite note, we did see army trucks and personell as well as several utility personell going to and working in Humacao and Juncos today, which is a part of the island that has been tragically ignored until recently.   

Without the aid, it is hard to say what Puerto Rico would do.  Not only did our infrastructure get wiped out, but we also lost most of our agriculture and wild fruit bearing trees.  

The death toll continues to rise, in part because communications are unavailable and areas of the island are still inaccessable.   The “official count” is currently 40+, but many towns are writing out hand written death certificates because power and communiations are down.   So the official count means nothing.

Please pray for Puerto Rico! hurricane solutions hurricane solutions

Also, going forward we are and have been offering solutions for rebuilding that are fast, and affordable, but most importantly weather resistant.

We created  about 6 years ago, and we created domes framework using EMT conduit.
The panels were going to be made from HempCrete  (concrete made with hemp hurd/fibers and lyme for petrification).   Hemp has more impact resistance than steel, and is lighter weight.  However our application and instructions can be used with typical concrete or wood for the panels.   We have posted our instructions, plans and videos of the work on our website.

As for Puerto Rico’s power problems.  Currently the power company uses diesel fuel to power the island.
Diesel fuel can EASILY be replaced by bio-fuel, such as hemp fuel.  Our company has proven this, as did Henry Ford and Rudolph Diesel in the 1940’s.  Hemp can and should be grown in abundance in Puerto Rico.   This would solve MANY problems for the island and give us a new revenue source.

We can also assist with technical questions, and potentially repairs.   I will be coming back to Puerto Rico in approximately 6 weeks to check on neighbors and our home.  If there are any networking, cabling, or cellular antenna issues that I can help with, please contact me at:

See more information at:

Also if you want to fund our efforts in Puerto Rico.  We have distributed all of our food stores to our neighbors becuase we are leaving.   We also donated our generator, propane stores, and fuel.
With any more donation money, we will buy supplies to start assembling dome homes starting with our own hemp dome, based on our plans at    You can donate at: 
We will demonstrate how this is done, and with any excess funds, we will build domes for our fellow countrymen upon returning to Puerto Rico in 2018.

Also you may see our family on NBC.  We did an interview with them, but we are not sure if it will be aired.

We gave NBC as well as CNN a lot of our drone footage of the areas that we saw as most effected by the storm, from places that no other news crew has been too.  We hope that helps get the word out.  We don’t know if our footage has been or will be aired.    However you don’t have to watch it on MSM, we have uploaded most of it here;

Thanks for all of the support that was given.  Our gofundme raised over $1000! 


You can still donate at GoFundMe to help our family and our mission here (outlined above)!

Puerto Rico – FEMA and Military may pull away soon, if that is the case, it will be up to private citizens almost exclusively to fix this country.   In my opinion private citizens have been more effective anyway.

A special shoutout to my wife, Kimberly Dawn Thompson.   It is our 15th Wedding Anniversary today.
She is an amazing woman, helping to keep our family, and community together during these hard times.
I am so proud that she is my wife and partner!

Ryan and Kim Thompson 15th Wedding Anniversary


From Kim:

Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary to my other half! If you would have told me 15 years ago that we would spend this anniversary in a refugee center in the Caribbean….well, I probably wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised. Lol! I knew we were going to have a lot of adventures. It hasn’t all been good, but it’s never been boring, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, Ryan Thompson! — with Ryan Thompson

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