Repost: IDENTIFIED: Federal Employees Bragging of Stealing Land

This is what this whole issue is about.  The feds STEALING land.  Literally, not figuratively.  They are stealing people’s land, and property.  This is the results of ushering in socialism to our country.   I won’t stand for this!  Will you?


During the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, a video surfaced showing a National Park Service (NPS) employee bragging how they swindled “two little guys that had been in the Second World War,” out of their $40 million property for only $2.5 million in which she says she, “stole the money from Washington” to pay for it.

Note: This video and the contents within are not related to the occupation in Oregon but it’s relevant to the struggles that private property owners and ranchers like the Hammonds and Bundys face when dealing with encroaching federal agencies.

The following is an ongoing effort to identify all the people in the video. Please check back frequently for updates and if you find any errors or have additional info, please leave any relevant information in the comments below.
Updated on Jan 23. 4:38PM. 


This video was uploaded on Jan. 16 but was filmed at Mary Martin’s retirement party (Federal Land Grab Awards Party) in 2005 when she ended her tenure as Superintendent of Mojave.


  1. Mary Martin – Former National Park Service employee – Superintendent of Mojave National Park  and Lassen Volcanic Park.
  2. Dick Martin – Mary’s husband and former National Park Service employee – Superintendent of Death Valley National Park.

    Proof of connection to Mary Martin and NPS: (
    Another photo: (
  3. Dennis Schramm – referred to as “Dennis & Marcia” at 0:13.
    Former National Park Service employee.