Republican Debate August 6th 2015 – Clovis Star Commentary

This is my [Ryan Thompson] commentary about the top tier debate between the candidates in the Republican primaries on August 6th 2015.

It is my opinion that most of these politicians are “career politicians” and for the most part they are bought and paid for, just like Donald Trump so fantastically demonstrates.
People that pine for money and support often owe so many favors when they get in, that they rarely keep their promises.  Most of them like Obama for example look nothing like they did as a campaigning candidate or even as they were as Senator or whatever they were before becoming president.

I have always said that we need to get the money out of politics.  When I was on Carl’s Cannabis Corner (May 22nd 2011) when I spoke to him about our need for a 4th tier of checks and balances in government, which in my opinion at the time is the NI4D (National Initiative for Democracy) which allows the people a national referendum process.  So if congress and the president team up to screw the American people over, we have the opportunity to over-ride their tyranny.  If we could over ride bad laws, then all of the money that controls politicians wouldn’t mean much.

So that is why my focus in on just a few of these people, the ones who haven’t spent their lives in politics, and some of them who’s family have spent their lives in politics as well.   Another thing that bothers me, is how 43 of the 44 US presidents at this point have been directly descended of King John Lacklund (King in England who signed the Magna Carta in 1215 AD), which tells me that we live in a monarchy, and it’s likely that our votes don’t really count anyway.  To me, this tells me no matter how popular one of these other candidates are with the people, the electoral college will put Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton in office.

Considering all of that, I really like the ones who don’t have the “politicians filter”, and that’s why “The Donald” appeals to me so much, and the fact that he is not taking special favors from special interests to get campaign funds.  He has actually told people “don’t send me money, I already have enough”.

Anyway, these are the candidates in the “top tier” debate, and I have linked them to   At the bottom I highlighted what I consider were the best parts of the debate.

Most the following politicians act just like politicians, and their sincerity level is next to nothing.   This is another thing that I have spoke about over the years.  I would like some sort of technology to measure the sincerity level of these candidates.    See this video that I made about technology that is doing just that:    How To Tell When A Politician is Lying – New Technology To Simplify Campaigns

This is my commentary on the two Republican candidates that interest me most. Donald Trump and Rand Paul.

Republican Debate August

What is terribly sad to me, is that the GOP used to be the party of “Freedom and Liberty” like Frederick Douglass once called it.
I feel that there is a small part of that party that still exists with very few of the candidates/politicians.   But mostly that sort of integrity is gone.
I wrote an article a few years ago as to why I joined the Republican Party back in 2011 when Ron Paul was running.

Why would someone who favors civil rights and liberty join the Republican Party?


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