Salt Lake City police detective fired for brutal treatment of a nurse doing her job

After an investigation of the two officers involved with arresting a nurse at UofU hospital in Salt Lake City Utah, Salt Lake Police detective Jeff Payne has been fired.  To the surpise of many in fact, since rarely do police get fired for anything, due to a well funded and agressive police union.   However this was a special case that became rather high profile due to the nature of the arrest.  A nurse at University of Utah hospital was doing her job by not allowing police to draw blood from an unconsious patient that they did not have a warrant for.   
The incident played out after a fatal car crash of a suspect that was fleeing police crashed into an off duty officer in Idaho.  Lt. James Tracy ordered a blood draw, and Dectective Jeff Payne was given orders to either get the blood or arrest the nurse.  He didn’t get the blood, and then grabbed the nurse, forcefully pushed her out of the hospital, and cuffed her in the back of a police vehicle for around 20 minutes, all the time while making threats against the hospital for not complying with him, stating to Lt. Tracy that he would bring only transients to this hospital while taking paying patients to other hospitals.   

At the end of the day, Detective Jeff Payne lost his job with the Salt Lake Police Department as well as his job as a ambulance driver as his second job.  He now retires in shame.   This is what ultimately should have happened when he sexually harassed a co-worker for an extended period of time, recently.   However since this case with Nurse Alex Wubbles was so high profile and public, with video evidence that was shown nationwide, there was no way that the police department could hide this, or toss a smoke screen and sweep it under the rug.

Lt. James Tracy was unfortunately only demoted to police officer, and it is my opinion that he conduct is what led to this incident to happen in the first place.  


I have been writing for years about privatizing the police.   Especially after watching a Cop Block episode with Dale Brown of the Threat Management Center in Detroit Michigan.  What Dale Brown’s company has acheived with his private security company, is what most people wish the police departments of the USA could become.

This is the Cop Block episode that Dale Brown’s company Threat Management Center.

I wrote about this on a youtube video that I made, and I got some responses that I addressed in this video;

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