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At DailyMotion, I have setup a page dedicated purely to comedy.   I am no comedian, but sometimes life get’s too serious.
For those moments, I like to enjoy comedy.  Some times I make comedy as well.

I have had an issue that got way too serious with a family member.  For 13 years it was annoying, but never serious.
Then the boy sends his step dad over to fight me, and they had apparently been calling the police on me.

I was like “whoa”..   And eventually after another year of constant internet trolling, it became obvious to me how funny this was.

This person seemingly has nothing better to do, doesn’t work, and tattoos scribble all over his body in visible places, meanwhile is going to college (getting loans to pay for fun stuff in life), to “better himself” including putting homemade tattoos on himself such as his hands (ANARCHY!!).   Like “yup, that’s going to land you the job”.  ROFL
What’s hilarious to me is he is in his 30’s, and tells his momma “Im going to school to be a teacher”, and then while in college, covers himself with scribble, thinking what?  Something like “these tattoos are PERFECT to help me achieve my goal”??  He already has a long list of criminal charges (many of which were accumulated while in college, while “bettering himself”.  Now to add to that, he scribbles all over his body?  I’m only assuming, that college had nothing to do with “bettering himself”.

But it’s the trolling and the lying that makes me laugh, because little did I know, for 12 years off and on he had been trolling other people and getting criminal charges for it, as well as writing fair-weather friends of mine on the internet (people who I had never met in person)…  Not to mention the protective orders by girlfriends, etc.

When I realized this boy is getting criminal charges right and left for harassment, and “false accusations“, and yet he CONTINUES to do it.  It’s like DAMN, that is some good comedy right there.
Had he not sent his step dad to fight me, over a response that I gave him on social media, accepting his offer to fight me.  I would have never known about all of these criminal charges.  After 2002, when I took him on a job with me in Louisiana that he got fired from (twice) for running his mouth, I completely stopped talking to him, even while he was trolling me, I never responded in 12 years.   Then the violence comes to my door, and the old man says “I am tired of you and your brother-in-law fighting”, and proceeded to attack me.   It’s all recorded, there is no embellishment here, this is documented by police evidence via recorded police interviews.  (this kid lies, but never has proof.  I tell the truth, and I do have proof)..’  He sends his daddy to fight me, after offering to fight me.  Why not come yourself, I ask?   But looking at his criminal record, it’s clear why.  He does his harassment behind a computer or telephone, never in person.

Interestingly enough, I found something on his court profile, that is not found on most criminal records.
Is this evidence of someone turning “state’s evidence”?
Multiple cases “sealed by the court”.  Hmmm..

Brandon Wade Hertel Cases sealed by the court

Brandon Wade Hertel Cases sealed by the court

Public complaint against Officer Tyler Evans

I’d be happy to have my testimony analyzed by lie detection technology also.  I welcome any legitimate scrutiny.


Emotional Observation Technology Moves Forward – Lie Detection

So I made this channel.  The names have been changed to protect the stupid, but there is a place in Pocatello Idaho they call “South Park” and that is where this boy hails from.  So that clearly plays into the comedy just as much as any of it.

To mommy’s little blueberry muffin, here ya go!

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