Snitches Get Stitches – Blazing with Buju May 15th 2019

This is from our weekly show “Blazing with Buju” where we talk about the amazing music, life and trials of Buju Banton.

This week we talk about a similar situation that Buju and I both share.

Buju Banton AKA Marcus Myrie had a snitch give him up to the police on phony charges in order to get a pay check from the DEA.. I as well had this happen to me, shortly after this happened to Buju back in 2014 when an in-law saw an opportunity to exploit police resources, and had the police harass me. Fortunately I did not suffer the same consequences as Buju Banton.

The snitch that was rewarded for entrapping Buju Banton, is Alex Johnson.
A lot is known about him, including the fact that he is a former drug dealer, who has made 3.5 million dollars by being a confidential informant for the DEA. Originally about 20 years ago, he was busted on a major drug charge, and coerced into ratting out other drug dealers, in exchange for a reduced sentence. The Colombian born man has since been working for the USA DEA to nab many more drug dealers, and apparently legendary musicians and who knows who else.

Alex Johnson the DEA Confidential Informant that entrapped Buju Banton
Alex Johnson the DEA Confidential Informant that entrapped Buju Banton

This is the broadcast from our show on May 15th 2019 titled “Snitches Get Stitches“. The point of the title is, that as cowardly and despicable as it is to become a snitch, it is also dangerous to society, since so many of these confidential informants make up stories about innocent people in order to gain favor with the DEA, or to get paid by the DEA. It is not a noble profession, nor are the informants involved upstanding individuals.
They lie, cheat, steal, and continue to use drugs, despite working for law enforcement.

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