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Humans are social creatures in general.  Humans learn how to survive, how to communicate, how to invent or at least we gain inspirations from others to invent, and there is a large plain of social interaction in the typical human’s life.   I was recently confronted with yet another strange and possibly even absurd notion of the “flat earth theory”, which basically is the notion that everything that we have been taught for many thousands of years has been wrong.  Not just about the dimensions of the earth, but more of a huge conspiracy to keep human-kind in the dark about everything bar none.

I will get to the flat earth theory in a moment.  But I just wanted to touch on this idea of a massive conspiracy, among all of the big conspiracies.   I know that there are conspiracy facts, and that there are conspiracy theories.   If the conspiracy theory is interesting enough, I will put a lot of effort in to investigating it.  If it is a conspiracy fact, such as things that we now know about such events as the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, or of the assassination of Martin Luther King or of other well known, but shocking conspiracies that started out as “conspiracy theory”, but were later proven as “conspiracy fact”.   There are a lot of things that people spend time on, trying to convince others of a “conspiracy”.   Whether it is of political persuasion, or private enterprises, or of more localized and personal issues.  It seems humans are very open to conspiracies, and of controversial topics.  I have heard all of the conspiracies about almost all of the billionaires in the world, and how they have grim plans for the population, and blanket theories such as that.  Or the conspiracies of one political party or another, which is a another example of a blanket theory.   Then there are the massive blanket conspiracy theories, that cover everything, for basically all of written history, such as this flat earth theory.  Like I said, if there are personal rumors of friends or of family, such as “so and so did this”.  Those type of things, I put a lot of effort into investigating, because it hits right close to home.  I won’t accept an accusation or a rumor about people that I care about, without a proper and thorough investigation.   But with this bigger and more global conspiracy theories.  Such as “the elite are poisoning us with chem-trails” and such.   Those type of things also hit very close to home, and I will give many of these theories and topics at thorough investigation if there is credibility to the claims enough to warrant an intensive investigation.

Now on to the “flat earth theory”.   This one is interesting to me, because of how much popularity this notion is getting, and among people that I know personally, and people who’s kids  go to school with my kids.

So just to begin, and I will be real brief as the video that I have linked at the end, gives a lot of deep and thorough facts, with a well informed non-believer, and a semi-well-informed believer.


People in history have been willing to give their lives to correct this errant idea that the earth if flat.


Government is just as infallible too when it fixes systems in physics. Galileo was sent to the inquisition for affirming that the Earth was a sphere: the government had declared it to be as flat as a trencher, and Galileo was obliged to abjure his error. This error however at length prevailed, the Earth became a globe, and Descartes declared it was whirled around its axis by a vortex.

Some people mistakenly think this is a biblical teaching, however there is no sign of this idea in the Bible.  Not that I have found, and anyone that has claimed this to me, have not been able to point it out in the Bible, where it either says it outright, or even eludes to it.   This is a topic that has came up in history several times, according to written records of major societies.  The Egyptians who inspired the Biblical writings mostly in the old testament, have held a belief for many thousands of years that the earth is round, and there have been many amazing artifacts that were used to measure astronomical positions of heavenly entities ref; Antikythera mechanism

Beyond the religious implications of a flat earth, there are the scientific implications.    One thing that scientist seem to agree on about the universe as we know it, is that there are patterns in all things, that have a certain commonality to it.   Stars and planets from our extensive observation appear to be spherical shaped as a globe.   We can tell that we are seeing a globe when we look at the moon, because depending on what hemisphere, either north or south, there is a unique surface to the moon, with unique landmarks.  If you are looking at the moon from the southern hemisphere there are easy to identify landmarks, that you do not see when observing the moon from the northern hemisphere, and vise versa.

Also, as a oceanic family who have owned fairly large personal vessels for oceanic travel, we have noticed both horizons, and signal from radio communications act as if though we are on a spherical planet rather than a flat planet.   I have also been training to be a pilot, and I see the curvature from my cockpit when flying in a small aircraft.   Then there is my experience over the last 20 years, shooting long range radio frequencies for over 100 miles and it is obvious that without very tall antenna towers, one can not shoot a signal for a long range.   The height of the radio tower must compensate for the curve on the earth in that path.   One can not shoot a long range radio signal without compensating for the curvature.

Then there are the people who have circumnavigated the globe by boat, by airplane, and by hot air balloon.  This is something that my wife and I have always wanted to do together by boat.   So I can not say that the earth is a globe or a sphere 100% with actual first person experience.  Some of my belief in this matter has to be based on trusting other people who have actually performed the experiments.  For example those who have gone to space and orbited the earth, or those who have flown around the world, or who have sailed around the world.  I have to at some level trust someone else’s observation.  Which is dangerous, because there are selfish motives in every human.  So there could potentially be a huge conspiracy to deceive everyone in to thinking that the world is a different shape than is actually true.  It wouldn’t be the first time that the government set out to deceive their constituents, and succeeded.

But since I haven’t flown around the earth, or sailed around the earth yet, I also haven’t been at the bottom of the southern hemisphere myself, and because I have never been to space (but it is a lifetime dream of mine to get there some day)..  I can only assume some things, and have faith in other people.   But lets pretend that the earth is really flat, and that this can be proven, and that everyone is deceived into thinking that we life on a sphere.

I have to ask myself, what is the motivation?   Why would scientists, and teachers, and astronauts, pilots, sailors, etc, all be in on this big hoax on the world?   What would their motivation be to lie to us on such a grand scale?

I can see a banker lying about economics.  Or a used car salesmen lying about a used car’s condition.  I can see a politician making promises and not keeping them.  I get motivation for a lot of things.  But what would the motivation be for deceiving people what the real shape of the earth is?   Is there a financial benefit?  Or a personal benefit?  A spiritual benefit?  Is there a racket by globe makers or map makers, or text book makers?   I mean what is the benefit of keep this secret?   Beyond what we see and experience, if we are just going by what other people report on their experiments or observations, what is the underlying reason or benefit for all of these people to lie about this?  Certainly there has to be a motivation?   Or is it just a big joke among the elite to simply prove to themselves that they can easily lie to the masses without getting caught?

On facebook and other social media platforms, the platform itself has engaged in social media experiments, to see how much support certain topics have, such as the gay pride profile picture app.  So I also have to wonder if this is a social media experiment, like some of the others.

I do intend on doing many experiments and observations in my life, and I have already done many in the past.   But what I want to know is beyond the experiments and the observations, what is the motive?  If you know more than I do about this, please post your information and please include some credible sources.

I don’t have a lot more to add to this, that wasn’t covered in this show by Stefan Molyneux

The Flat Earth Conspiracy Debate! Yes, Really. 

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