Some of the results of the protest by the ranchers in Oregon

I created a video tonight and pointed out some of the many different positive and negative results of the protest in Oregon by the ranchers who stood up for the Hammonds.

Lavoy Finicum’s sacrifice was not in vain, neither was the sacrifice of all of the many people who have went to jail for this issue since.   There is so much buzz and so many angry Americans that have now saw the federal government for what they are doing now.

The Hammonds did not commit any terrorism when their prescribed burn did $100 worth of damage to federal lands next to their ranch over a decade ago.  But the feds have been after that Uranium rich land for a very long time, and the Hammonds have refused to sell.   So even though the Hammonds served their time, and paid massive fines, on doing just a tiny bit of damage to sage brush, and even though there were no victims in their “crime”, the feds pursued the Hammonds to all avenues to try to force them off their lands.  They have done this to hundreds of ranchers and other property owners over the years.   It has went mostly un-noticed by the general public.  But it can not go un-noticed now.

Since the protest began, there have been many supportive legislators that have offered their support to the the ranchers and to the protesters.  Many have stood up in front of the legislator on the house floor to petition support for these ranchers and protesters.   An assembly woman from Nevada came up to Oregon to help negotiate the surrender of the last 4 remaining protesters.

Utah, California, Nevada, Texas, Oregon and Maine, and maybe other states as well, have been standing up in opposition to this federal land grab, just since this protest in Oregon began.

A meeting with Sheriff’s in California in recent weeks also was organized to discuss this issue, and these Sheriffs showed their support in resisting the federal powers that have been overstepping their boundaries in the state of California.

Also many ranchers have been sending in letters to the BLM with a declaration of emancipation from the BLM oversight and involvement in their lands.

The most impressive part of this in my eyes, was when the fire chief of Harney county Chris Briels resigned his position of over 30 years because of what he found the FBI doing in Harney county, playing agent provocateur and posing as militia and harassing locals.

This was not all for not, this protest has created a surge of concern all over our country and has raised a significant amount of awareness regarding the over-reach of the federal government, and the unjustified murders of American citizens by the federal government throughout the years.   From Martin Luther King Jr., to Samuel and Vicky Weaver, to the Waco incident that the feds killed dozens of children as well as men and women.

People are more and more aware of the dirty counter-intelligence program of the FBI, where they have disassembled many peace civil rights movements throughout history, such as the United Negro Improvement Association and the MLK civil rights movement in the 1960s, to the American Indian Movement in the 1970s.   The federal government see fit to compete with any person or group that either challenges their authority, or who makes a stand for themselves and implicates the federal government in anything that is less than civil or moral.   But to kill people over it, is what has stirred the pot, and people will not forget or forgive the government for these dirty dealings.   It has created a fire that is growing and will not be put out.

Video Description: Results of the Protest in Oregon 2/13/2016
The results of the protest at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns Oregon. The results are bigger than people realize.
Between multiple Legislators bringing this to the legislature, to many constitutional lawyers and judges getting involved and showing their support, to multiple Sheriffs coming out in support of protecting state lands from the federal government, to MILLIONS of Americans waking up to the crass actions of the federal government and the FBI.

I spoke about the FBI counter-intel-pro operations of the FBI in the past, from Marcus Garvey, to Martin Luther King Jr., to Randy Weaver in Ruby Ridge, who were the targets of the propaganda and counter-intel programs of the FBI.

Weed to stick together or we will all hang separately.

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