Swatting – what lonely gamers do for excitement

So recently I made a video about this new “swatting” phenomenon, where usually young kids who are living at mommies house and call swat teams to people’s homes with fake police reports.  This is a dangerous prank that could end up with people getting killed by police or vise versa.  However this happens all of the time, and rarely do this pranksters get in much trouble if any for this.  I think it is tragic that the community needs to pay for these incidents, it wastes valuable police time, and it causes major anxiety to anyone getting pranked.

After hearing a lot about these pranks, and making a video recently, it was something that I found on my phone and it was a false story.  You can see the video and the links here;

Teen Gets 25 years for “swatting” his online gamer friends

References to the video that I made


Now despite that the story that I reported on was an incorrect report.  There is a real occasion of a 34 year old man getting 5 years in prison for “swatting” and was ordered to pay over $79,000 in restitution.  The guy’s name is Jason Allen Neff.

Articles on the ‘Swatter’

Why this type of thing is interesting to me, beyond that it negatively impacts society.  Is that I have a troll that is an in-law, and has done this shit not just to me, but has multiple crimes on his criminal record, regarding doing anonymous pranks, and making terroristic threats to other people (multiple times).
Not only did this kid (I mean “kid” is relative, since he is like 35 right now) have violence sent to my house, but he also called the police and told them that I was a “threat” to society, and I had cops in my home town which was 2600 miles away from where this kid lives, show up on my doorstep a little over a year ago, to investigate me, on his behalf.
This is the video that I made when the police showed up at my doorstep after they left:  https://youtu.be/9H53w5D97zM

This is dangerous as I pointed out, because if the wrong circumstances take place, me and or my family could end up getting killed.
So I am now keenly aware of this, and I make other people aware, because this is a growing activity among mostly bored kids, and also the adult sociopath too.

More on my personal troll, and what escalated the issue with him.  While I have been his target often, I am by far not his only target, as he has been charged with “giving false information” in relationship with charges of “phone harassment with intent to cause terroristic threats”  on multiple occasions with other people than myself.
Needless to say, I support some kind of disciplinary measures for people that do this type of crap.

I have reported on a troll that I personally have had following me for about 15 years.  This is a guy who is usually alone, no job, on government handouts, playing video games.
For 12 years I said nothing as the kid would search out my ex-girlfriends, family members, etc to try to wreck havoc on my life.  The reason I didn’t respond, because it always ended up as a failed attempt to do harm.   However in 2014 after getting many internet threats from this wasted life, I accepted his threats to fight me, and I made this video:

So the kid had all of these excuses, for one it was January when I made this offer to box him, and I offered to pay for the boxing ring.
But he said “I can’t fight you until I am out of school in May”.  What was funny about that, is that I had already sold our 5 plex and our business, and he knew that I wouldn’t be there in May.  We lived in Maine, and our business was in Idaho.  So it wasn’t exactly right down the street that we lived.  So I told him, “it’s now or never”, and I called him out publicly a few times.   So instead of him showing up for a fight, his step daddy showed up.  His step daddy started screaming at my wife.  My car wasn’t there, because it was at our shop, so the step daddy didn’t know I was there.  So while he was screaming at my wife, I popped out, told him to “get in our house” since he was disturbing our tenants that lived next door.
He then attempted to choke me, and I beat him until he was bleeding, at which time he dropped the grab on me, and I pushed him out of our house.  He called the cops, they showed up, I had 6 witnesses, and the cops asked me “do you want to press charges”, and I declined and said “no, this is family, we just want to give him a trespass notice, because our young son got hurt in this confrontation, and we didn’t want him at our house any more.”   So that was the end of it I thought.  I did write the guy on facebook, and I told him “if you want to fight me, next time meet me at the boxing ring down the street, but don’t come to my house”.   After that, they called the cops on me not once, not twice, but three times.  Eventually the cops charged both of us with dis-orderly conduct, and then my charges were dropped and he plead guilty to his charges.  I was disappointed with the police, because originally when they came to my house and I declined to press charges, they told me I had a year to file “battery” charges, but when they charged him, they only gave him disorderly conduct.
At no time did I invite him or anyone else to our house, and certainly not to fight.  I offered to take it to the boxing ring, as you can see in the video above.   So the Pocatello Police were very disappointing IMHO, because after they decided to charge me, I insisted that the charges of “battery” get filed on him.   See this link for the details;

Public complaint against Officer Tyler Evans

Regardless that we sold our 5 plex, and we actually sold it at a loss.  Because despite that we had multiple offers, we took the lowest offer because they could close the quickest, and some of it had to do with the situation of this kid and his mommy and step daddy calling the police on us daily for non-sense and harassing us.

Definition of swatting



noun: swatting
  1. the action or practice of making a prank call to emergency services in an attempt to bring about the dispatch of a large number of armed police officers to a particular address.
    “he found out that he was a victim of swatting after police surrounded his home on Thursday”

This is an article about this new prank from the New York Times “swatting”.

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