The Truth About The Oregon Rancher Standoff (republished) by Stefan Molyneux

I hope Stefan doesn’t mind me reposting this content. I only have a little to add to this topic, and so far I have already posted all of that.
I still support attention being drawn to this issue of the federal government violating human rights, buying up land that is not rightfully (constitutionally) able to be owned by the federal government.

I believe Stefan Molyneux gives the most rounded and accurate information about this subject, and challenges the audience to come to their own informed decision.

I typically enjoy his point of view.  He is more long winded than me.  So I rarely have time to listen to him.  However this particular one is worth sharing.
Stefan Molyneux The Truth About The Oregon Rancher Standoff

That video is from January 4th, amd today is January 14th.

So the only other significant thing that was extremely significant, is that the county sheriff seems to be failing to do his job to keep and oath to the constitution.  I think there is a constitutional basis for the Hammonds to reject their sentence, which has been extreme, and included $400,000 in fines (has been paid), and Dwight Hammond (74) served 3 months, and Steven served 1 year and a day.   For burning some vacant federal land accidentally, during a controlled burn.  The burn got out of hand, and the feds lost some sage brush apparently, and these fires happened over a decade ago.  The ranchers served their time, paid their fines.  But now the feds are pulling double jeopardy.

The ancient protection of the Common Law against double jeopardy is maintained in its full rigor in the United States, beyond reach of any change save that of a Constitutional Amendment. The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides:

[N]or shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb. . . . “[44]

If nothing else, the sheriff should protect his citizens against double jeopardy.   There should be some injunction or other legal procedures provided to protect these citizens by the Sheriff, or at least keep the feds out of their county.

Beyond that.  When the sheriff held a public conference, he asked a really tricky question, to confuse the issue more.   He first asked “Who wants to solve this issue peacefully.” and as soon as people’s hand started going up he added “who wants these militia folks out of here”, and a lot of people put their hands down.  But it looked like for a moment, all of them wanted the militia out of there.  But a few locals caught on to it.  See this video at minute 2:20, regarding what a 70 year resident of Harney county says about the Sheriff’s trick.

As of 01/13/2016,  Oregon occupiers call for common law grand jury –

There is a lot of funny business going on with the federal government in this case.  Things that should be paid attention to, is the feds lighting fires just before the Hammonds got sentenced, where it burned ranches in this area.  Is BLM Inciting Armed Rebellion? Feds Caught On Tape Committing Felony ‘Arsenal Terrorism’ In Oregon

And even more curious than that is this;

The Hammonds in late 2014 agreed to pay the federal government $400,000 to settle a lawsuit seeking to force them to pay more than a $1 million in costs for fighting fires they set. The Hammonds paid $200,000 right away and paid the rest Thursday.

The settlement also required the Hammonds to give the land bureau first chance at buying a particular ranch parcel adjacent to public land if they intended to sell. For some, this was evidence that the government all along was after the Hammond ground to add to its Steens Mountain holdings.

They want first right to buy their land, as punishment for a prescribed fire that accidentally got out of hand?  How is that even relative?

This is a comprehensive history of this issue that the Hammonds are facing.

The Hammonds are once again in prison, and need the support of the American people and probably a few good (pro-bono) lawyers!