Transgender ban is going to become a military policy again.

This has been a heated discussion all over the internet.  The military is returning to a policy that they held for hundreds of years up until just 12 months ago, when under the Obama administration the ban on transgender people was lifted in the military, opening the doors for enlisted service men and women to pursue gender reassignment surgery and hormones while enlisted.  Since then roughly 250 service people have started their transition while on active duty.

On July 26th Donald Trump tweeted that policy will change soon.


Since this shit storm opened up, there have been a lot of crass exchanges that have taken place by pundits, political activists, law makers and others whether this is good or bad for the military, or if it is hurting feelings and if that even matters.

There are groups of people protesting Dr. Paul McHughs, for releasing a 143 page paper for the New Atlantis about transgenderism as well.

A little background

In 1979, he shut down the gender identity clinic at Johns Hopkins, explaining that a study found that most of the people who had undergone this type of surgery “had much the same problems with relationships, work, and emotions as before. The hope that they would emerge now from their emotional difficulties to flourish psychologically had not been fulfilled.”[17] He has said that medical treatment for transgender youth is “like performing liposuction on an anorexic child”,[18] described post-operative transgender women as “caricatures of women” because the surgery failed to change many of their male traits,[17] and stated that “The transgendered suffer a disorder of ‘assumption.’”[16] McHugh considers homosexuality to be an “erroneous desire”[19] and supported California Proposition 8.[20] He co-authored a criticism of medical treatment for transgender youth[21] published by the American College of Pediatricians.

While Dr. Paul McHughs is getting a lot of the heat on this, the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health have also peer reviewed this work via this entry Transsexual attractions and sexual reassignment surgery: Risks and potential risksRichard P. Fitzgibbons.  Which gives a bit more insight into the risks of reassignment surgery, and suicide ideation.

The topic of risk in the military regarding suicide ideation is also confirmed in the UCLA report AFSP Williams Suicide Report 

While Trump did not enlighten the media much on the basis of this decision other than he had spoken to his military advisers.  One can only come to some basic conclusions as to why.

First of all, I will speak to my own denial of military service, which was due to cannabis consumption.  When I was 19 years old, I visited a recruiter near my home town, and I took a pre-ASVAB test, and the recruiter was impressed with my scores.  Shortly after I had three branches of the military interested in recruiting me.  Which didn’t last long, because I allowed them to check my criminal record, which at this point I had two arrests for misdemeanor marijuana possession.  They denied me as soon as finding this out.  They told me if it had been charges other than marijuana, such as theft or violence, they could likely excuse those things.  But marijuana was strictly forbidden and they cited issues regarding psychosis with marijuana usage.  Reference to an NPR article on this:  Pot Can Trigger Psychotic Episodes for Some but Do the Effects Last.

In 2013 I was attempting to serve the men and women in the military by signing up for the Tough Mudder in Lake Tahoe California, right before I was to get into an accident with a man who was trying to kill himself, and succeeded.  He was a discharged combat veteran who decided to get on the freeway and drive as fast as he could until he hit someone.  He hit me, and killed himself.  I barely lived.  I made this video about why I wanted to help service men and women, and why I was denied military service.  I stated “marijuana saved my life” because I could have ended up like that poor soul who killed himself on my car that night.  Ref;  9/11 and the wars since, talking about PTSD and the Tough Mudder Challenge

War/Combat is tragic, and stressful.  I am really glad that I was not able to serve.  I really was serious about it when I walked in to that recruiters office, but marijuana literally saved me from that hell that was about to break loose, as it would have been during the 9/11 timeline that I would have been serving.

This is the type of topic that has been going around my social media networks and with people that I am acquainted with.  The discussions that I have been having has served to guide me through this article.  I hope that I do the topic justice as this is serious stuff.

So my reasoning over all for serving our men and women in service is because as that video that I made points out, our soldiers get treated like dirt from our government when they get home from combat.  Getting services, medical care, VA treatment is nearly impossible sometimes and thousands of soldiers every year are taking their own lives because of the trauma either mental or physical or both while in combat.

Then there are people like Bradley Manning in the military who even though is not in a combat situation, is stressed out so badly by being involved that he started doing really bizarre things to draw attention to his mental breakdown, which included cross dressing and sending his Sargent the photos of him in drag, and then ultimately committing espionage followed by suicide attempts.

There are a lot of problems that transgendered people are dealing with, that I am sure few will ever understand.  My heart goes out to them.  However, I think that battle is stressful enough and having a person going through sort of a mid-life crisis, while getting gender reassignment surgery, taking hormones and dealing with the whole transition process is more of a burden than our men and women in service should have to bare along side their other duties.  It is not only a distraction to the other members in the military, but it also has the potential to cause a lot of absence from service, missed training, and healing in general both emotionally and physically.

I have come to the conclusion that it is good that they don’t allow cannabis consumers in the military, even though I personally consume cannabis.  It is also a good thing that they do not allow people with criminal records, or drug usage in.  The environment requires people to be at their best, and the best of the best are still stressed out immensely by combat situations.

So while I empathize with the situation that transgender people are in.  I also think it is sort of a golden ticket situation to avoid the draft and not having to serve.  I mean I disagree with the draft in general.  So it makes me happy that cannabis consumers are disqualified from the draft.  It sort of surprises me that trans people would fight this.  You don’t see women begging to be included in the draft, right?  Nope!  So I think it is a good thing on a liberty basis as well.

Another thing a person brought up tonight, is how many trans people throughout time have served in the military, and they served well.  Which tells me, that there is no reason that if it has been happening for decades or even centuries, then why could it not continue?  If the ban is the problem, why wasn’t it a problem in 2015 and previously?  I mean if trans could serve then, they could serve now?

The point is, that if you don’t want to be considered high risk, do not engage in, or affiliate with high risk activity while in the military.  Problem solved.

There are things to learn from this study from the UCLA about bullying and trans people, that I was unaware of.  So I believe people could learn about treating others, even those who are different with respect, as fellow humans.

This was an enlightening article as well;

I Was Once Transgender. Why I Think Trump Made the Right Decision for the Military.

As for me, I have fought for gay marriage, and resisted efforts like proposition 8.  For example this video from 8 years ago.

Mormon Proposition 8 Gay Marriage and Marijuana laws

This article is one that I wrote over a year go (long before Trump was elected)

Hate is unproductive, homosexuals are not our enemy

So it is not about the sin, or the activity or the lifestyle that is a problem for me.  I just do not believe that a group that has a 41% suicide rate, should be welcomed into a nightmare like combat.  It does not seem like a good idea for anyone involved.

Edit:  This is what White House spokesperson Sebastian Gorka said about the transgender ban

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