Tribe Member: ‘We Would Have Been Dead By Now’ If We Acted Like Oregon Militants

On a foggy Wednesday morning, some of the tribe’s nearly 420 members gathered at the top of a snow-packed hill on the Paiute reservation to discuss their concerns about the outsiders. The doors of the meeting center were plastered with signs warning people not to bring firearms inside.

Diana Dick, whose husband is on the Paiute council, said that although the militants claim the land has been stolen from the ranchers, “all lands have been stolen from the Indian tribes.” She said when she listened to the occupiers speak on the news, “they never mentioned one thing about Indians. I don’t even know if they knew Indians live here.”



My open letter to the Paiute tribe of the area of Harney county Oregon, regarding their press release on Wednesday January 6th 2016 after their tribal meeting about what is going on in the area with the militia and the ranchers that the federal government is persecuting.  From Ryan Thompson 0n January 7th 2016.

This has been an ongoing “us vs. them” issue in the battle over these lands, that has gone on for 7000 years.  Certainly Paiute leaders will talk about the distant past, but only up to a certain point.  They fail to go back to when Sara Winnemucca Hopkins a Paiute princess and daughter of Chief Winnemucca wrote a book titled “Life Among the Piutes: Their Wrongs and Claims

The Paiutes, a Native-American tribe indigenous to parts of Nevada, Utah and Arizona, told early white settlers about their ancestors’ battles with a ferocious race of white, red-haired giants. According to the Paiutes, the giants were already living in the area.  This was our visit to the area and the Lovelock cave in May 2013

So in the history of this land, there were white settlers in the area, long before the Paiute tribe ever migrated there from over the Bering Land Bridge during the last ice age.  And the Paiutes according to oral tradition sought after them, and killed them off in a mass genocide.  Which despite popular belief, was not uncommon for native tribes prior to white colonist coming here from Europe.  In fact, there was massive genocidal wars, slavery, and fierce competition for hunting grounds between hundreds of tribes before the white colonists came to the this continent.   But before there were the Asiatic native Americans, there were in fact the white settlers that had been on this continent for 17,000 years roughly, where-as the Asiatic Native American’s have only been here for roughly 7500 – 9000 years.

One more interesting scientific study that has came out, is the “Ice Age Columbus”.   Ice Age Columbus, The Solutreans – Who Were The First Americans

So I am not about to humor who was “here first” or “who did the worst damage”.  I would consider COMPLETE genocide about as bad as it gets, and it wasn’t only the white men who participate in such horrors.

My main contention here, is that the meeting of the Paiute tribe about the militia that is at the wildlife refuge seemed to have a narrative of “if we would have done this, they would have treated us worse, therefore this militia needs to go”.  It’s like  “if we can’t resist, they shouldn’t be allowed to resist”.   That is a double negative IMHO.  Resistance is good, and should be done in the face of tyranny, regardless of  skin color.  Hell, the Paiutes would be wise to join the resistance, as it would further their own cause, and draw more attention to their concerns about regaining their hunting and fishing lands.   But it seems that the main concern of theirs, is that they don’t want to share.  They seem to already have some easements or special access to these lands for grazing, hunting and fishing, and they simply don’t want to share with the ranchers.   This is how the government typically operates IMHO, pitting two sides against each other, hoping that they take care of each other, so the feds can go on with their merry way, and accomplish their hearts desire in whatever endeavor that they are shooting for.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad about any wrong doings of the past by colonists.  But it wasn’t my ancestors that did the wrongs to these people.  I personally have never done any wrong to those people either.  I can only take responsibility for myself.   I am just pointing out, that if we have to get into history, and “who was here first” and all the rest.  They either don’t realize, or do not want to admit, that when they (The Paiutes) migrated to this continent from Asia, there were already white settlers here, and the the Paiutes killed them all off.

We can get in to tit for tat, or we can work for the common good of all people.   The divisions are only increasing the barrier of people working together for the greater good of all, while the government’s plan is to strip the land of it’s mineral resources (apparently;  Hammond Ranch sitting on precious metal, mineral, uranium, deposits which the BLM desperately wants )

So should the ranchers just give up, leave, be arrested, or be killed?  Is that really what the Paiute tribe wants?  Because if they are advocating for that violence against others, it’s very likely they are putting their own claims and own lives in danger from getting the same treatment from the feds as well.  It’s happened before, and it can happen again, at the hands of the feds.

I believe the more we cooperate with one another, the better the outcome for all.  The feds have no claim on that land, as per the constitution.  This constitutional attorney explains the rights and limitations of the federal government via Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the constitution.   I believe that the constitution is our best route to defend human rights, from an over expanding federal government.  The constitution is not perfect.  But it is about the only defense we have to continue to live in a free society.

Please make better judgement about using force against others, when your people know how it is to be at the wrong end of that force!

Sincerely, with love and respect.

Ryan Thompson


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