Trump on the environment and executive orders

I have long since been an advocate of keeping the earth clean.  My goal has been to have a large scale hemp farm for as long back as I can remember.
I have researched the greenhouse effect of hemp, and it is so very positive on many levels.  For example, an acre of hemp produced 4 times the biomass as an acre of trees, and takes one season to grow, rather than decades.   This also helps reduce atmospheric carbon far greater than most crops.

Reference to a newspaper that we made to educate people on this; and a company that we have been working on for years;

With Trump being the business man that he is, I am praying that he will see the potential in hemp that Scientific American magazine saw in 1938  “Hemp the New Billion Dollar Crop

With that being said, I want to take some caution here and voice my concern about excessive executive actions by our president.  I want to say first of all, that I do support repealing many if not all of the executive actions that Obama made.  If that takes an executive action to repeal them, fine.  However for things that are not being repealed, and regarding laws that would normally go through congressional approval, I want to encourage our president to take head to the definition of what a Republic is.

I firmly disagree with many of Obama’s executive actions.

Obama did not have the most executive orders since the last 4 presidents previous to Trump.  However he did have quite a bit, and more than even George H.W. Bush.


George H. W. Bush 166 12668 – 12833
Bill Clinton 364 12834 – 13197
George W. Bush 291 13198 – 13488
Barack Obama 275 13489 – 13764

Many of Obama’s executive actions should have gone through congress.
I specifically oppose the ones that could easily be deemed an act of war, and those that infringe on the civil rights of the American people, specifically both versions of the NDAA that he signed, and the alterations that his administration sued to get passed.

Reference all of Obama’s executive actions

Reference all of Trump’s executive actions

I am going to be pragmatic and realize that presidents will pass executive actions, whether I agree with them or not, and it is perhaps something that Congress and the American people should take a closer look at and maybe change how that works.

Yesterday Trump passed a few executive actions that may have been good, and also may follow with negative implications.

Restraining the EPA, that is controversial, however the EPA is garbage, they cause more man made disasters than they fix.

You can see a brief list of them here;

Colorado declares 'state of disaster emergency' after the EPA accidentally spilled 3 million gallons of wastewater

Colorado declares ‘state of disaster emergency’ after the EPA accidentally spilled 3 million gallons of wastewater

So do we need checks and balances?  I think we have a court system that can handle that, without interference or blundering of the EPA.
However Ron Paul is right on the subject, is that the USA needs to respect property right MUCH more than we do now, and especially much more than our government currently does.

As for Trump opening up the negotiations with the Dakota Access Pipeline project, I think that is good.  That issue was just lingering.  Obama did nothing significant, it was just sitting there in limbo, and after all, shipping all of that oil via trucks is far less environmentally friendly than a pipeline.  I do think that the pipeline should take significant measures to ensure safety.  It is also a fact that a second pipeline which came in years ago, sits right next to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Non-DAPL Pipelne Map

Non-DAPL Pipelne Map

Now as far as if we should have climate change experts advising the government.   I think that this all goes back to the courts and property rights.
We should definitely take care of the environment, whether because of man-made global warming or not.  A clean earth benefits everyone, and may also fix the climate.
Some scientists say no, and some say yes.   But either way, cleaning up the earth can only help, so I encourage our new government to open up access nationwide to hemp farming!

This site here is very informative, and makes good points to the idea that humans do and have significantly contributed to global warming.

There is also the fact that the earth has been much warmer, and much cooler than the time of the industrial revolution.  From ice ages, to great warming periods, the earth has experienced many changes.  Humans have only a small sample of data compared to the long history of the earth.   So for me, I am not completely convinced one way or the other.

Here are some differing opinions compared to the link above, that while these scientists admit there is climate change, and that some of it is in-part to human contributions, however their conclusions about how much human contributions are effecting climate are different.

Climate Change explained by Geologist Ian Plimer to the UK government

The Scientists Who Refute Climate Change (a small sample)


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