Trump was right, the election is rigged!

Donald Trump has continuously said that there is voter fraud and election fraud in this country, and particularly regarding the presidential race.

CNN and other media outlets, as well as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have said that there is no evidence for this.

However, Hilary Clinton herself accused Obama of Voter Fraud in the 2008 elections according to Wikileaks. And CNN did a huge story on voter fraud and a major investigation into the policy group ACORN in the year 2000.

Many experts have testified under oath throughout the last 20 years of computerized voter fraud, viruses in voting machines, and out right blatant voter fraud in multiple national elections.

Al Gore accused George Bush of voter fraud in the 2004 elections in Florida also.

I compiled a list of videos to demonstrate how exactly the election is rigged.

#1 This is the extended version voter fraud evidence

#2 Shorter version Voter Fraud Allegations 2016 evidence compilation



Wikileaks on voter fraud

Indiana Police Raid Democrat Connected Voter Registration Project

Voter Fraud Proof – 18 Million Invalid Registration & 2 Million Are Dead – Donald Trump – Lou Dobbs

‘Facts Are Important’: CNN Debunks Trump’s Claim That Voter Fraud Is Rampant

Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud **

 Obama ‘Flooded The Caucuses With Ineligible Voters’ | The Daily Caller

Kings and Peasants in the USA – How all of the US Presidents are cousins (presidential monarchy)

Florida election recount – Wikipedia


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