Update from Las Vega from the Bundy Ranch trial

The first of the Bundy Ranch trials have been going on for a little over a week now, and since the beginning of the trial there have been some unexpected events occur in the trial, one thing that may seriously impact the outcome of the trial, is that the lead federal agent overseeing the assault at the Bundy Ranch, is involved in a major corruption scheme, where he has used his position for financial gain regarding the Burning Man event, where he has used his office to get free VIP passes, used federal resources and federal man-power to attend the event, and allegedly used threats and intimidation to attain financial gain.
In the Bundy Ranch assault, it is claimed that Agent Dan Love escalated the situation from the beginning, and was reported and filmed instructing agents to point rifles at peaceful protesters, which then escalated the situation where the peaceful protesters had good reason to defend themselves on their own land, with federal agents pulling guns on them.   This will no doubt be a pivotal aspect of the defense’s case.

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Another aspect of Gavin Seim’s attendance at the protest. 


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