The #Veterans Show up at Standing Rock, and then the #DAPL is halted! Good Job #NODAPL

I posted a video on Thanksgiving talking about how the Veterans are due to arrive in Standing Rock for the #NODAPL protest on December 5th. Well it is December 4th, the Veterans arrived yesterday, and today Sunday December 4th there is news that the Army Corps of Engineers, have pulled the permit from the DAPL project to do a geological survey. DAPL is halted

Now, I do not think that this will stop the pipeline from going in. I also think it’s a little too late for all of this. This is something that should have been fought in court, and also should have been fought over the years going back decades.

However, good work No Dakota Access Pipeline protesters. However I wanted to explain why I donate to causes like the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom and the #AmmonBundy legal defense fund, rather than #NODAPL or Standing Rock.

This is a video that I made to explain why I choose to support the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom (Ammon Bundy and fellow protesters).


Support the Bundy Ranch and the protesters of Citizens for Constitutional Freedom here;

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