Vigil at the Maine state house of representatives for Robert LaVoy Finicum

I held a vigil at the Maine state capitol for Robert LaVoy Finicum, I brought my rifle down to the Maine state capitol after advertising this event all week.
Of course the cops came, I had 5 cops surrounding me.  They were nice, but they spent a lot of police time and resources to harass me over exercising my rights.
As I told the cops, they have no more rights than I do, and they also have guns in public being openly displayed.

Anyway, a few things came out of this.  I was able to educate the police on civil rights, 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, 4th Amendment and 5th Amendment.
I recorded the exchange, and I sent it to the police department superiors, and the city council of Augusta Maine.

All of this was to honor the memory of a fallen hero, I will never forget Robert LaVoy Finicum.  My life has forever changed because of his sacrifice.   It was NOT in vain that LaVoy gave his life.

LaVoy has left us, but his sacrifice will never be far from the lips of those who love liberty. You cannot defeat us. Our blood is seed.

LaVoy has left us, but his sacrifice will never be far from the lips of those who love liberty.
You cannot defeat us. Our blood is seed.



This is what I wrote to the police and the city council after this event tonight;
Hello honorable servants of the city of Augusta,

I wanted to inform you today of an incident at the state house today, involving a vigil that I was holding for Robert LaVoy Finicum that was killed by FBI and other law enforcement agents last week on 01/26/2016.

Reference this video;

I had the cops surround me AND detain me today for simply having a weapon. They also had weapons, and we all have the same rights. A badge doesn’t grant extra rights.

I wanted to inform you that it is NOT legal to detain someone, UNLESS they have been suspected of a crime. Carrying a weapon does not qualify as a crime, or even a potential crime.

So I do not believe the officers detaining me was legal or constitutionally justifiable.

I will give your officers credit for being nice. But I will not agree that detaining someone for having a gun is legit. I carry my rifle all of the time. I told Sgt Jason Cote, Lt. Read, and Sgt. Shaw that I do this.

Hell cars are FAR more dangerous and unpredictable than a rifle is. So if the police are worried about the danger factor, than please be fair and pull over every car for a terry stop. But you can see how silly that is, right?
But look at how many cars kill people compared to guns. There are far more deaths due to cars, than guns.

Anyway, it’s no secret, I carry my weapon, and it is my right to do so. Just like it is the right of the police officers. They truly do not have any more rights than I do, regarding guns.

A police officer can not detain a person if I have not committed a crime, or if I have not been suspected of committing a crime.

“”Stop and identify” statutes are statute laws in the United States that authorize police[1] to legally obtain the identification of someone whom they reasonably suspect has committed a crime. If the person is not reasonably suspected of committing a crime, they are not required to provide identification, even in states with stop and identify statutes.”

Thanks for understanding, I will be carrying my weapon. I am not a threat. I am just exercising my rights.

Ryan Thompson

If you have any questions, please call; 208-269-8410