VIRAL VIDEO : Black Man Wants to Know Why Black Lives Matter Isn’t in Louisiana Helping Flood Victims

The man in this video Jerry L Washington is on the ground in Louisiana, and apparently is a resident.   He speaks of the time when the Black Panthers and the BLM protesters were on the streets with guns when Alan Sterling was killed by police.  But now when there is a community in crisis, with people drowning in the street, and he sees  other local people out there on the streets, in boats, and helping rescue people.   He asks “post up if you are out here helping”, he says he would like the Black Panthers and the BLM activists to prove that they care, and show everyone all of their relief efforts.   Rather than rioting and burning down cities of their friends and neighbors, how about they get out there and rescue some people, bring them food, or be there to comfort them.

I think this man has a valid point.  See his viral video here,   there is already over two million views.

This is his gofundme page to raise money to help those affected by the flooding.

Life after the flood donate to help by Jerry L Washington – GoFundMe

Lets just face it, George Soros, and other wealthy liberal agitators are funding Black Lives Matter as a destructive distraction when they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes when they are doing nefarious bull crap on the slide.


Black Lives Matter Gets $100M From Liberal Foundations



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