Volcanic Eruption and Puna GeoThermal Ventures

What does this latest volcanic eruption that erupted on May 3rd 2018 and PGV (Puna GeoThermal Ventures) in Leilani estates have to do with each other?   I have heard many conspiracy theories, and conspiracy facts, and then a whole bunch in between since returning to Hawaii this last June.   I admit, that I missed the whole first month of the flow, and we are now in the 3rd month since the eruption.

I currently live with in only a couple of kilometers from fisser 8 and I have taken a few videos from my home and posted them.  

However daily I hear chat on the street about how PGV (Puna Geothermal Ventures) is some how responsible for this event directly, but drilling into the Kilauea caldera.  

It was only 2 years ago to the day upon my return that I had visited the Observatory at volcano national park with my son Iriel

When we visited Hawaii last time we also spent time in the Puna district, after shopping for sailboats in Oahu.   When we couldn’t find a sail boat, we found a cheap AirBnB on the Big Island.   We did not like the heat and the crowding in Honolulu, and we are so glad that we spent extra time to visit the Big Island aka Hawai’i. 

We visited several times over the years and have really enjoyed the nature and the aloha of the Island. 

However the one thing that we constantly hear about is the involvement in an Agenda 21-like conspiracy.  I am not judging on whether it is a conpiracy theory or a conspiracy fact or not.  I will hold judgement until I have more information.  However I want to bring this to you now, because it is weighing heavy on my heart.  Maybe you can help me make sense of what I am about to post.

I will include a PDF of this page, because at the top of what I was given by both sources, it was stated “Make Copies and Spread The Word, Don’t Let PGV get away with this”, and you can judge the content and whether you want to distribute this as well.

This is video that I have taken of the Fisser and lava flow in the month of June and also July.

The next video is from August 5th 2018 as the lava flow is slowing down to a near halt at the fisser.

The following is a flyer that has been going around town since before I arrived:

Titled:  Don’t Let PGV Get Away with this

Date: unknow, but it was After May 3rd, and before June 8th.

The eruption of Kilauea of the home of Pele’ the compassionate mother was made made.
The Hawaiians have great reverence towards their mother because over the last several hundred years during her many eruptions she has been considerate and thoughtful, much beloved by all races.
Two years ago at the Puu Oo’ Crater lave broke out of the eastern rift zone traveling 13 miles towards the town of Pahoa skirting two residential developments by chaning direction at the last minute before destroying any homes. The Lava flow came right up to the fence of a garbage transfer station and stopped as only a good mother would. Then pele moved through the only section of the town of Pahoa that was not populated and took out the only house in her path that was vacant along with a empty shed and finally stopped within a couple hundred feed of the main street of Pahoa. For 36 years or so Kilauea has been spilling lava in a most thoughtful manner giving anyone in her path time to move. People have great reverence for the mother that she is.

The current eruption was man made by Puna Geothermal Ventures

PGV began production in 1993 with one expanding to 11 wells.
As of April 23, 2018 all eleven wells stopped production because of the current eruption. They claim to drill a depth of 8000 feet the drill then makes a lateral turn towards the greatest heat source which would be Kilauea Caldera. As the drill travels laterally it intermittently begins fracking the rock injecting chemicals under the high pressure breaking up old lava releasing heat and water. Then as an injection PGV releases PENTANE gas whch as a very low boiling point which generates incredible amounts of steam and pressure to power the generators, producing up to 53 kgw of power.

Of the 11 wells there is at least 3 to 4 injection wells creating high pressure steam sent back to the generators through the 7 or 8 production wells. All these wells must be in close proximity with each other. In reality these wells have created their own lava chamber.
The water source that feeds the production of steam comes naturally since Puna district has 129 inches or more of rain a year. The water pours through very porous lava rock and fills old lave tunnels which can hold thousands of gallons.
The main chemical used by PGV is Pentane Gas of which approximately 50,000 gallon was removed from the drilling site at the beginning of the eruption. If you view the footage of the current eruption in Leilani estate you’ll see the blue flames coming out of the ground, they claim it is methane gas. That is false because methane gas gives off a orange yellow flame, the blue flame that you is is Pentane gas. (I think this was dated early on during the beginning of the eruption in May 2018, but I am not 100% sure of the date)
On April 23rd an event took place that will change the Big Island of Hawaii forever. PGV punctured Kilauea’s caldera at a point of at twelve thousand feet below Kilauea crater. This event came about from the intense pressure created by at least 4 injection wells pumping thousands of gallons of pentane gas and water creating a gigantic explosion that broke through the Kilauea caldera. All of that pressure caused lava to rise out of the Halemaumau crater onto the larger Kilauea crater. As the pressure resided, magma pushed into the drilling sight of the Puma Geothermal Ventures than began working its way upwards, creating rits and cracks through Leilani Estates.
At about 11:30 am a 5.5 earthquake occurred on May 4th Magma moving into the fracking zone created by PGV came into the direct contact with water and Pentane gas creating an eruption as seen from Kiauea observatory. This caused more water to rush in causing a second 6.9 earthquake and another eruption was triggered.

At the time PGV breeched Kiluea caldera they would have experienced a substantial loss of power with drop of production of energy from April 23 until the 6.9 earthquake. Helco would have record of this and the Employees would have a lot to say. I can promise you all PGV records are lost in the lava flow.

People need to come together demanding an investigation of PGV making all their Employees testify. Put pressure on the District Attorney to open a grand jury investigation of PVG.

The determination of the 12,000 ft below the Kilauea crater was based on the approximation of Kiluea is 4,000 ft and PGV admitted to drilling depth of 8000ft.

Author unknowm

Dr. Michael Sala “You don’t frack an active volcano unless you want something terrible to go wrong. 

Rothschild: Evidence Grows that Hawaii Volcanic Eruption Caused by Puna Geothermal Venture

Who is Dr Michael Salla – Exopolitics

This also relates to an issue in Redding California where there have been many complaints as far back as 2016, that have raised concerns that another Rothchild energy company PGandE have been “geoengineering” the burning of Northern California.

I want to share this video with you from February 27 2018 about Redding California and the massive fires in Northern California.

Plan to burn up Northern California disclosed

2018 02 27 Directed Energy Weapons-
Sonoma County Board Supervisors Meeting 
Infrastructure Recovery Workshop


What Exactly Is Agenda 21? | Zero Hedge

My son was born in Redding coming up on 7 years.   I am once again fortunate to not be directly where tragedy could have been greater than what we have been through elsewhere.   

Our best wishes and prayers go out to the people in Northern California

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