What’s wrong with facts feminists? The Factual Feminist asks these important questions..

I have all my life been in favor of feminism, and ready to stand guard and protect anyone, including women who have their rights violated.  Even if I do not agree with the way they use their natural rights, I will fight to defend them.   If for example there was a movement or a law that forbid women to vote.  Or if there were a movement to ban women from the workforce..  Both of those issues that I would engage with, and I would not stand for that.  I oppose government oppression, and I don’t like bullies.

That being said, when the alleged victim (even if a victim of society) makes serious allegations, for a serious allegation of wrong and harm, there must be an investigation of the facts.
So for some feminists and this is mainstream research, and publications promoting this, despite that it has been debunked many times.

Reference this:  http://time.com/3222543/5-feminist-myths-that-will-not-die/

As well as this piece that I followed up with the previous link, I wrote this up a few years back.


Now with research and data and people who present this information like Professor Christina Hoff Sommers, there is a vial blowback from the radical left, and particularly the radical left feminists.

Read more about Christina Hoff Sommers here: 

Christina Hoff Sommers – Wikipedia

Christina Marie Hoff Sommers is an American author, philosopher specialising in ethics, and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. Sommers is known for her critique of contemporary feminism. Wikipedia 

In my experience in researching this topic and learning more about the more recent waves of feminism, I have found that some people believe that there are three waves of feminism, but most consider that there are four waves of feminism.   I personally have examined this issue enough to note that there is a fifth and more dangerous wave of feminism which coexist with the third and fourth waves of feminism but has taken their agenda to dangerous and perhaps crazy levels of feminism.

I am not going to attempt to define these waves of feminism here.  This has been poked at for years, so I have included a few links below to identify these different waves.
Of course, those that see feminism as “life” (yes, there are some women who are well known and on record saying “Feminism is my life, I could not exist without feminism”), and so they see no wrongs in feminism, even when large groups and large feminist movements act badly and fight against equality and instead fight for superiority.
So some of the links below will only identify three waves of feminism.   However, those who examine this closer always see four or even five waves of feminism and do not just dismiss terrible agendas and policies of these feminist groups as just “bad behavior” but rather a feminist movement in and of themselves, because their reasons, and methods as a sort of doctrine, or guideline differ so much from other feminist movements in the past.

Like I said I favor women’s equality with men, absolutely.  That is, equality of opportunity.  I for example would not favor affirmative action, because that is anti-equality.  But I do favor equality for sure.   I also married a very strong minded woman, who is incredible smart and ambitious.  Her and I find ourselves competing with each other, and she helps me sharpen my sword and I help her the same.  We are good for each other, despite that we compete often in ways that become unhealthy.  But non-the-less she is not a weak woman, or controllable.  She has her own mind and her own ideas and that is what I love most about her, and it is also what pisses me off most about her.  Either way I look at it, it is what drew me to her.  I don’t like push-overs or passive aggressive women, I surround myself always with alphas, and those who wish to determine their own destiny.   Which is probably good that I keep my circle small, that only has a potential of blowing up.

So some feminism, the first couple of waves, YES!   I favor equal rights and equal opportunity, and I do not favor any idea of “equal outcomes”.
But the kind of feminism that labels “men as the enemy“, and I will show you this research and this documentary made from the 1980s called “Angry Wimmin”, that documents feminism in the 1970s and 1980s in the UK.  This is the radical kind of feminism, but as you will see from this documentary, it was very alive and well at the time, and I think that the movement just evolved and it still is very strong there.

Reference to the documentary on “Angry Wimmin” from the BBC; https://tinyurl.com/angrywimmin

Recently on social media, after seeing someone who labels herself as a feminist mocking this lady’s movement for natural women without debt and who are virgins.

The Transformed Wife

The Transformed Wife

The Transformed Wife

I thought to myself, what is wrong with wanting a wife who has no debt, no tattoos, and presumably no STD’s since she would be a virgin?
But these feminists went after this post like dogs on a bone, it was a little manic for most of this conversation, people getting really emotional.
One feminist (this happened to be a man) told me “don’t like war, don’t start wars, and quit selling weapons”.  He was shaming men for a number of things, including saying “women aren’t waging wars or selling weapons”.   When I reminded him that Hillary sold a bunch of the USA’s Uranium to Russia, and that she had colluded with a lot of foreign governments via the Clinton Foundation, then I became “irrelevant’ and he immediately blocked me.

This was the full context:

My first comment was this:

“This is an interesting topic, one that I spend a fair amount or time on.

From my point of view, mens rights are becoming as important as women’s rights, because in many respects men have less rights than women, and it’s only getting worse.

I made this media about it recently.


And the conversation ended with this other person making the following accusations, before throwing a fit and blocking me.


“Wow. Guys… ease up. Feeling oppressed, as a man? “Man” up. You won the fucking birth lottery; especially if you are a white American male born in the 20th century. Quit whining. “More men are in jail, therefore more men get raped!” So, stop breaking laws, and stop raping. MEN are doing that to men. Women aren’t raping your ugly ass.

“More men die on the job than women!” Then get a better job, or be more careful, you underemployed moron.

“Men have to fight the wars!!!” So STOP CREATING WARS, idiot. The women aren’t starting the wars, or selling the weapons.

Have any of you looked around your own planet? Men largely run it… and they’re doing a shit job. Look, guys… we created religion, and we created the patriarchal system that runs virtually 100% of this planet. Ever wonder why women are treated worse than animals in most religions? MEN CREATED THEM. Hey, multiple wives all around, fellas!

If, as a dude, you EVER feel oppressed… it’s OTHER DUDES doing it to you.

I read that in interpersonal relationships, what men fear most is that the woman might embarrass them.

What women fear most is men KILLING them.

Don’t be an embarrassment. And look… if you’re a MAN who is so fixated on “men’s rights” that you write BLOG POSTS AND ESSAYS about it… holy shit. Get a hobby. And a backbone. And some testosterone supplements or something.

I’m a man who has a mother, a sister, a daughter, and a wife. My wife is a stronger person than anyone I’ve ever met. She’s not “equal” to a man. She’s better than anyone I’ve ever met.

Guys… admitting that human females are deserving of equal rights, equal pay, and equal respect does NOT TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM YOU. It’s not a pizza. It’s not like if you give respect to a woman, there will be less respect left for men. Rights are unlimited. Everybody gets them. Don’t be selfish. Share.

If you are a man, and you’re not a feminist… you’re not really a man at all. You’re a self-absorbed child.”

This is how it ended (I can only see because this conversation is public).

I got to the point where you said "stop starting wars, women aren't starting wars or selling weapons".. Right and Hillary didn't arrange to sell all of that uranium to Russia? Did you see who the Clinton Foundation was in bed with? Those blanket statements and accusations are hilarious and comedy worthy bud

I got to the point where you said “stop starting wars, women aren’t starting wars or selling weapons”.. Right and Hillary didn’t arrange to sell all of that uranium to Russia? Did you see who the Clinton Foundation was in bed with?
Those blanket statements and accusations are hilarious and comedy worthy bud

Reference to Hillary’s Uranium scandal;  https://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/24/us/cash-flowed-to-clinton-foundation-as-russians-pressed-for-control-of-uranium-company.html

The waves of feminism.




More articles that I have written about feminism can be found here.


Male privilege facts

Male privilege facts

Oh and I got a new label, that I have never had or identified with before.  But apparently now I am an “MRA” or a “Mens Rights Advoate”, and I was called this as if it was a “terrible” thing.   ROFL.   Im like “ok”.

So to finish up with my thought “what’s wrong with facts feminists”?

I think Christina Hoff Sommers is doing an incredible job for strengthening the integrity of the feminist argument.  If people are using fake facts to justify major changes, either in law, or in social stigmas or other harmful attributes to the consiquences of these bad arguments, then eventually when the facts catch up with these arguments and the people spreading these fake facts are exposed, then the movement loses a lot of momentum.   If people use REAL facts, and REAL arguments to make JUSTIFIED changes in the world, then EVERYONE wins.   So Christina Hoff Sommers is doing a fantastic job to help feminism continue to be effective and helpful.

Women are not children

Women are not children


To the person who originally brought this subject up, by casting shade on the The Transformed Wife group, I have to commend her for having a discussion, without completely losing her temper, and without blocking me.  Honestly I do enjoy having productive and sincere conversations with other people who are sincere and intend on being productive.


In a separate post from a few days before, the same person had posted this.

Dial down the feminism

Dial down the feminism


So in response I made this.   It illustrates that some feminism is sexist, and is not interested in equal rights, but rather superiority.

Reference to this kind of feminism here;  https://tinyurl.com/angrywimmin

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