Where is the Ron Paul Revolution now?

I realize that it would seem that the Ron Paul Revolution has been handed down to the next generation.

But then if that is the case, where is the revolution? Where has it been since the 2012 election that in my opinion had a lot of takeaways both pro and con, and I will speak more about that in this article.

But first let us narrow down the possibilities of the once thriving revolution with millions and millions of supporters of a Republican Congressman that had won congressional seats for over 20 years, and ran for president three times with huge turnouts, and really should have been the nominee in 2012 for the Republicans, and it is very likely (provided that our system is not rigged in any major way. haha) that we would have had Ron Paul rather than Barrack Obama for at least 4 years, and if people would have work up in the 2008 election it would have been 8 years. So with all of his popularity and support, where did Ron Paul go, and where did his revolution go?


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So first I will answer the question about which US based political group reflects the principles and dedication of Dr. Ron Paul. Did this supporters start another revolution, or did they get flimsy and pragmatic and start supporting the once Democrat but now new and improved Donald J. Trump?

I mean certainly these former Ron Paul supporters did not support Hillary. That is clear as anything. Right. I don’t even have the patience to argue about any counter arguments on that subject, because I will just agree to disagree with anyone with a counter opinion on this subject.

Did these former Ron Paul supporters support Bernie Sanders? Bernie is knows as “not in the swamp” perhaps, and perhaps also an “outsider” or a “radical”.
I do not see Bernie Sanders as either an outsider or a radical. I see Bernie as a sellout, and a career politician.
However, I can see how potentially some supporters of Ron Paul who wanted market regulation to an extent, but the least government as possible support Bernie Sanders, because Bernie Sanders has been hard on banks, and he appears at some points to be pro-worker and pro-little-guy and all of this.
And many people honestly do not look into these topics very deep. I have had many people, even just recently tell me that they have no interest in knowing about not yet talking about the politics of the world.
Even people with children, which definitely surprises me since these huge political movements of today will effect their children and grandchildren tomorrow and so on.

So I do see some Ron Paul supporters that were weak and not very educated supporting Bernie Sanders. That doesn’t account for a lot I suspect. I have no idea what the actual numbers are, but from my experience Ron Paul voters were of the most educated about the current day international and national political and cultural issues. Ron Paul certainly is.

Ron Paul and Justice for All

Ron Paul and Justice for All

So then I continue to look. If not Bernie, and certainly not Hillary, they have to be Trump supporters.

I only have a limited pool of friends to poll from, but I would think that is only partially correct as well. I would say out of all of my friends who worked on the Ron Paul campaign, or emphatically supported Ron Paul, only one of them posts much about Donald Trump, and I don’t know any of them that actually voted for Donald Trump. My poll is a very rough estimate, and comes from about 25 facebook groups that I am on, and friends on my social media and websites. My estimation is that maybe on the high end Ron Paul supporters are an insignificant double digit or lower in percentage.

What about Gary Johnson? Yes I think that was evident in the last election where Gary had record number of supporters just since Ron Paul’s last run where Gary Johnson didn’t get anywhere close to the amount of support that Ron Paul did. I truly believe that Gary Johnson only got around 20-25% of Ron Paul supporters backing him. He was just too cookey. I mean he is alright as a puppet, and he would be better than Donald Trump for sure, but I just don’t think anyone took him very seriously. I think 20-25% is actually VERY generous, but again do your own research. I do think that Gary Johnson would have more Ron Paul supporters than Donald Trump would. True story.

Regardless it is now important to know what Ron Paul is down right now.

I was an early support of Ron Paul’s Channel back in 2013. I have very much enjoyed listening to his thoughts, you can subscribe here.

Ron Paul Liberty Report
Ron Paul Liberty Report Youtube Channel

His last report was just 2 days ago, reference; Government Debt Explosion!…$52,000 per SECOND!…Is the END near?

This is another project that Ron Paul is involved with;

Ron Paul Institute

My thought is that a lot of people, like myself completely dropped out of US politics. I took my family out of the USA before the election in 2016. We left from the USA in July 2016.
While we ended up on a few US territories, we did leave the mainland USA and the differences are HUGE. We are currently in Mexico and among good company.

I also believe that you will find that the younger Ron Paul supporters have started their own media, and campaign support groups.

There are also male fraternal orders like the Proud Boys stepping up and forming out of no-where, and you will find that a lot of these people are Ron Paul supporters.

I hope that you enjoyed my video compilation of Metallica and Ron Paul, credit goes to the appropriate media owners.

Reference to original post:  https://steemit.com/ron/@clovisstar/pdf6zj62

Reference to the movie featured in this video and in the Metallica music video for the song “One” is from the 1971 movie “Johnny’s Got His Gun“, a tragic war story but very true and realistic for the wars we have fought up to that point and behind.  So much pain and misery under the guise of “the government is watching out for your best interest”.

I thought it would be appropriate to include the clips from this movie and the added musical narration from the band Metallica along with this awesome speech from Ron Paul.

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