Why do you blog so much?

I have always written via digital means, as far back as 12 years old, when I use to play on my cousin’s Commodore 64, and I would use a modem to call into local Bulletin Board Systems, and I would write about politics.  I lied and said I was 21, and I got invited to some BBS parties, and even though I didn’t look 21, I didn’t look 14 when I went to the parties.   So I was allowed to hang out.   I very much enjoyed venting about politics, and religion and other topics.  I find it’s very therapeutic.   Until the last three weeks, I had never monetized my content.  I mean at one point or another I allowed banner advertising on my site, and usually, it would just be a banner trade, where one person put their banner on my site and I put my banner on theirs.
I started with  www.creativegrace.org and the www.creativegrace.com in the late 90s for blogging on what the new internet, which is nothing like Bulletin Board Systems were before HTML, PHP and other new languages were introduced that we never used on Bulletin Board Systems.   We used ASCII and ANSI, and ANSI was sort of fancy and not all BBS software supported ANSI in the early days.  But it was far different than the extended capabilities of today’s web languages.   Later when I came back to Utah after being homeless and traveling the USA, I started up  www.behindzioncurtain.com and I wrote my biography at https://mystory.behindzioncurtain.com and because these websites are over 15 years old, some of them almost 20 years old, you are able to see their history as they have evolved or changed over the years at  https://archive.org 

My wife tells me more than 3 makes you crazy; cats, bumper stickers and websites.   I have over 40 websites that I register and host.  I also have dozens of websites that I have hosted on free platforms.
Some of my recent favorites can be found at:   https://slu2.com
So I’ll leave that where it is.  LOL

When people tell me that it is useless and unproductive to blog and collect websites like I do.  However, I disagree completely.

Recently I almost lost my life in a car accident, where a drunk driver hit me head on and lost his life during the accident.    That was almost exactly 5 years ago.

I got in the accident May 3rd, 2013, and I made this video on May 6th, 2013 about “Why I blog



I am glad to have left some history for my children and future generations.
My now 4-year-old girl, was still in mommy’s belly during this accident.




9/11 and the wars since, talking about PTSD and the Tough Mudder Challenge

And since that time, we have documented other pretty crazy events that have happened in our lives.  Which I think will benefit or at very least entertain future generations.

For example, we documented before, during and after hurricane Maria while we were in Puerto Rico.

As well as our many travels in 12 countries, and 2.5 continents (counting central America as 1/2)

We have wrote a lot about our travels and documented it with our drones and cameras at:  https://wheresthemap.info/blog/family-caught-hurricane-maria-blessings-lessons/


I came from a family that highly valued keeping family history and records.   So that inspired me to start:  https://houseofthompson.net 

I have collected over 800 years of family history (about 600 years beyond what my grandfather or Aunts and uncles had collected)

I also visited many of the sites of our European ancestors while we traveled in Europe over the last two years.    It was wonderful to connect in that way.

Another blessing from being in Europe was that I was able to bury this my grandma in all of the places her and I talked about going together.   She died at 94.9 years and was a fantastic friend, and a helluva comedian.   We had 200 of these gold-plated memorial coins printed for her and we have buried them in 12 countries.    Eventually, we will get back to the USA to pay tribute to her.  But I haven’t been to the USA for longer than it’s been since she passed away in September 2016.  I want to bring her coin back and bury several of them in her favorite places that we use to go to together.

This is the coin that we had made for her

Jennie Nevitt Ney Barber

Jennie Nevitt Ney Barber



Jennie Nevitt Ney Barber Memorial Coin

Jennie Nevitt Ney Barber Memorial Coin

Memorial Challenge Coin

Memorial Challenge Coin


Jennie Nevitt Ney Barber loved to travel, this was her going to or coming from England by boat

Jennie Nevitt Ney Barber loved to travel, this was her going to or coming from England by boat

You can see us in Stirling Scotland at Stirling Castle preparing to bury grandma’s coin on the castle grounds.
Grandma is laid to rest at numerous castles in Europe and even in the Caribbean like at Castilo San Cristibol and El Morro and soon to be buried all over Central and South America.


 That is what inspires me to write and document things.
Money is not a driving matter for me when it comes to expressing myself.  I find it a joy to have these conversations, even if they are difficult subjects.
So there it is, that is my reasons and inspiration for blogging, vlogging, and writing.
I made a recent video about this, and as I explained in my video that I believe making videos make it easier to convey the message that I want to send.
If I just write it, the emotion, and body language is not there for helping to decipher the message best.  I also do include text/blog usually incase someone would like to read it instead and to reference sources if talking about facts or history.
But I do believe that video is a great method of conveying a message, much better than even a phone call.


Why Video Is So Effective | Replay Science

Also to do my best to preserve and distribute knowledge, I am building a knowledge base guided by a chatbot at:  https://clovisstar.com
The chatbot “Alex” has some beginning deep learning installed and will have some guided learning (guided by me), so it will gain knowledge the more people chat with it.

Even though I have now monetized my content.  I have found that I make less than $100 per month.
The overhead costs me far more than that.  For hosting alone (not even to mention domain registration and licensing) we pay over $100 a month just on the hosting side of this operation.
We are not in it for the money, but it does help to keep the lights on.
If you enjoy our media, please donate to:

Our paypal donation page is at: https://paypal.me/RevRyan

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