Wikileaks CIA reveal from March 7th 2017

CIA Vault 7 wikileaks dump

CIA Vault 7 wikileaks dump

I have reported on Wikileaks from many years now.  From when the left was celebrating Wikileaks for revealing the hidden details and indiscretions about the Iraq/Afghanistan war to recently years when Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, and now the CIA has been the target of the data releases.

There have been a lot of questions recently as to if Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks is still even alive, as a result of Julian Assange being scarce from the public eye.
However on March 9th 2017 Julian Assange makes a live appearance to document some of the details of this data dump.   The results of this latest appearance have been mixed, some saying that this is not Julian Assange but a computer generated likeness of Julian, and some are celebrating that he has come in person on a live broadcast to detail his latest data release.

Whatever the case, I always advise people to do their own research.  It may or may not be authentic, however Wikileaks has a 100% record for accuracy by not once releasing fake facts or having to retract anything.  Wikileaks is the platinum standard for journalism so far.

Now on to the release.  There is a lot here, and in fact is the biggest publication on unpublished CIA information to date.   In the past year or more, I have made several blogs on the topic of the CIA and the FBI counter intelligence programs  “Co-intel-pro”.   First let me say, I would not try to claim that I am an expert on this, nor have I went through the more than 8,000 documents contained in the leak.  So again, do your own research.

Some of the documents reveal that the CIA have a massive arsenal of cyber weapons that can be used to hack into almost every functional piece of our lives, from our cell phones, our vehicles, and even our televisions.  Julian asserts that the CIA has “lost control over this arsenal of cyber weapons”, and that Wikileaks has this arsenal of weapons available to them, but that they have not released them to anyone.

A lot of this information is already well known hacks.

For example, hackers can remotely hack into your vehicle, and control it from over a mile away without any evidence of what is happening or what has happened afterwards.

Reference;  Your car’s computer (the “Canbus” and the “ECU” is connected to every part of your car, and in newer cars, it has been networked to the outside world)

Journalist Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Crash / Hollywood RAW FOOTAGE

Can the Government Hack Into Your Car?

Another example is fake cellphone towers, that are often controlled by law enforcement.  Police departments have publicly admitted to using these.
Stingray Cell Phone Tracker Concealed by Police

Court documents reveal insights into police Stingray technology

The Wikileaks publication also reveals that the CIA can hack your Samsung Television to listen to remotely;

CNET How To – Stop your Samsung Smart TV from spying on you

Here is Julian Assange’s statements about “Vault 7” Wikileaks CIA



The Church Committee in Congress during the year of 1975 regarding the CIA using Main Stream Media to spread disinformation


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