Will be offline for a little while, in the midst of hurricane Irma

I will be signing off for a few days or longer, as we are about to get hit with Hurricane Irma in just a few hours.

Hurricane IRMA Puerto Rico

Hurricane IRMA Puerto Rico

Learn more about Irma here;   Hurricane Center PR
I created this FB group;  http://fb.me/hurricaneirmaPR will present updates as they occur from Puerto Rico.  @hurricaneirmaPR 

Latest update here Wednesday morning at 5:30am;  https://www.facebook.com/hurricanecenterpr/videos/1825354700825580/

and;  http://www.wsmv.com/story/36289321/hurricane-irma-strengthens-florida-and-puerto-rico-brace-for-storm

I am going to be filming Irma in the direct path of where it passes PR. If you want to donate btc here, it will sure help with our recovery.
Probably going to have some server damage to our boat. Not much I can do about that.
We take care of rescue doggies. I know that our family will be safe, but we are going to be doing what we can for the homeless pups on the islands after the storm.
In the mean time, will try to earn the donations, by providing quality footage of one of the strongest storms in 20+ years.

Our power is scheduled to go down for at least Wednesday and Thursday preemptively. Maybe longer. So unless they keep the cell towers powered via generators, it’s likely we will have little to no outside communication from the island.


Puerto Rican Strong Staying strong in Irma

Puerto Rican Strong Staying strong in Irma


Bitcoin donations:

Paypal donations:

Can provide film of the hurricane, see my video


Latest update on 09/11/2017

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