With so few sincere candidates, who to vote for in 2016 for president?

I have only voted for President 3 times in my life.  Usually there just isn’t a candidate worth voting for.  Starting in 2000 I started support Ralph Nader.   None of the two party system candidates seemed sincere, nor did their voting records appear to promote the will of the people.  It’s always a game of bait and switch.  With Ralph Nader, it was obvious to me that he was at very least sincere.  It wasn’t so much his progressive politics, because I disagreed with about 40% of his platform.  But Ralph Nader was proposing something that no one else was working on that seemed to put the people in charge, rather than the oligarchy.   The National Initiative For Democracy was what I was most impressed with.  It gives a 4th tier of government where “we the people” can make national referendums, similar to states that can do this.   The marijuana laws that have passed in the USA in a favorable way, have been in states that have a referendum process.
I made a facebook group eventually, and put a lot of spare time in to championing this cause.   Until I realized, that democracy is scary also at some level.  Even Hitler was a democratic socialist.  Hitler was a “National Socialist” which was elected via democratic means, as Hitler won the popular vote with a 13% lead on his closest opponent by championing socialist causes.   The old saying is true, democracy is “two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner”.  While I still think that our current system needs more checks and balances, going to a complete democracy would be very scary, as 51% decides what the other 49% eats for dinner, ya know.   That didn’t work out too well for the Jews in Germany.

But then Ron Paul came along and I learned a great deal about the virtues of a constitutional republic, where we have unalienable rights, that the majority (whomever they may be) can not take away from us.  For example, the last presidential election was one by a candidate who has had tough words to say about guns and gun ownership.  But it doesn’t matter how he feels about guns, because we have a constitution, and our 2nd Amendment “can not be infringed”.   Along with the rest of the Bill of Rights, to me this makes sense.  That “all men are created equal”, and that we all have the unalienable rights.   There is no document that is perfect, not even the constitution, but so far, it’s the best governmental system that I have found.   Ron Paul gave so much insight to why a republic is important and it’s virtues out weigh any form of democracy.  Our constitutional republic has some democratic principles, but there are those unalienable rights, that are guaranteed to all citizens.  People who think “libertarians don’t believe in government”.  That is not true.  That is more of an “anarchist” platform, of which that even has some virtue.  But Libertarian principles are not about “no government”, it is about a “restrained government”, so that something like what happened in Nazi Germany can not happen again.  Government still plays an important role, but it can not be reduced back to “Kings and peasants” in a constitutional republic.

But back in the 2012 election, Rand Paul gave an endorsement to Mitt Romney, reluctantly albeit, but he made a promise to support whatever candidate won the primary in his party, and that happened to be Mitt Romney, despite that there was a lot of fraud going on in the caucuses, and many like myself, believe that he stole that election, rather than winning the primary fair and square.  So I resented Rand Paul for making that highly political decision.  I did not think he would ever be my candidate if he ran for president, which it was pretty obvious that he was going to.

But 2015 comes a long and the lineup is terrible.   There was Trump who I thought was interesting, even though he has been a Clinton friend, and a progressive-Democrat all of his life.  But he did well with his family’s money, increasing the Trump family holdings 1600%.  If there is anything our country needs is a good business man.  But I just couldn’t do it.   He is very flip-floppy, just like Hillary is.   They’ll say anything to get elected.   The rest of the republican line up is scary.  Almost all of them are against simple civil liberties such as cannabis.  Trump is favorable to cannabis law reform, but he always talks out of the side of his mouth, so who knows how he really feels.   A few years ago, he favored abortion, now, no more.   The list goes on and on.   So now with Rand Paul out of the race, there is not a single republican in the race that I could vote for.   Although Gary Johnson is in the race now, and he has been a republican as Governor of New Mexico.  He was my #2 candidate in 2012.   He is running as a libertarian now.  But he won’t even get a single percentage of the vote.  If he had a fighting chance, I would vote for him for sure.  He makes a lot of sense, just like Ron Paul did.

So then on the democratic side of this bird.  I have looked into this all of my life, being raised by union member, democratic progressives.  In fact my whole family practically has been involved in a labor union, and has voted democrat on both sides.  So I was exposed to the virtues of this party, and while I disagree with most of the progressive agenda, it does have some virtues, and some good points.  Im torn on single payer healthcare, because there are some countries that do this, and seem to do it well, at least topically.   My family on my mother’s side came from Canada.  My great uncle Reggie died of cancer in Canada, and I went to visit them when I was 12 years old.  By this time, Reggie had died, but the thing that I recall my grandma and great aunt talking about, is the pain in the ass that it was to get into see a specialist.  The long waits for seeing a doctor that specialized in the care that Reggie needed was the most painful part of it.  There were also other deductions, and of course a lot of pros too.  But it just seemed like the government controlled a very private and personal part of Canadians lives, and it could easily go sour.   Many Canadians find themselves coming to the USA and paying out of their own pockets, to see a specialist, which depending on the condition, can be more expensive than just having private insurance in the USA.
So like I said, while I see the virtues, I am still not sold on this idea because of how many cons.

In the last democratic election, there was not one Democrat who wanted to legalize cannabis, and yet there were two mainstream republican candidates that fully supporting full legalization (not just suggestions, and hints, but actual full on support), both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, who had a good record of being elected to office, and had a lot of Republican support favored full legalization.  So that completely killed the democratic option for me in 2012, when Ron Paul dropped out. I ended up not voting for anyone.

In this election, there is Hillary, and I have discussed her fickle allegiance to what she believes.  In 2008, when Obama won, I congratulated him, and referenced a video of a debate between him and Hillary Clinton, and I referenced Obama’s harsh words about Hillary Clinton’s flip flops, and insincerity.  I asked Obama to “please keep your promises about medical marijuana“, and I also mentioned my support for Nader (even up until and after 2008, I was still a Nader Raider).  But of course he disappointed, and he ended up having 6100% more medical marijuana indictments under his belt, in his FIRST TWO YEARS, than George Bush had in all 8 years  (see this video, starting at minute 1:29, stats on Obama’s war on marijuana).  Hillary still doesn’t support marijuana law reform.  But even if she said that she did, I wouldn’t believe her.

Then there is Bernie Sanders.  He is another career politician who makes good talk on the topic of marijuana, and auditing the federal reserve, and a few other topics that are important to me.  But will he actually keep his word?   I have figured out that no he will not.  I’ll explain.

Bernie claims to be a champion of pushing for an audit of the federal reserve, which is something that he jumped on board with, after Ron Paul started this push.  However, after the last bill that he and Ron Paul worked on together got to the senate committee, Bernie changed the bill, watered it down, and gave shelter to the banks by requiring a much smaller and limited audit of the federal reserve.  Ron Paul was his ally in this fight, but after Bernie sabotaged the bill in committee, Ron Paul verbally thrashed him (see this video regarding Ron Paul’s harsh words for Bernie).
While at first I was interested in Bernie, I started seeing a pattern.  The next issue that it was obvious he was fickle and dishonest about, is demanding that people “pay a living wage of $15 per hour”.   However, news surfaced that Bernie pays his interns less than what he demands other people to pay their staff.  On Bernie’s own website he states that he pays his interns $12 per hour.
Well if that is the mark he can reach, then why does he demand everyone else pay $15 per hour?  He should lead by example.  But like with most politicians, it’s all lip service.   The rebuttal from his campaign is “these are just interns who work for less and in exchange gain valuable job experience”.   This is no different that McDonalds though, since low paying restaurant jobs are typically just the first step in someone’s career, a place to earn some money and gain valuable experience and get a job reference.   So Bernie’s argument is no better than McDonalds.
Aside from all of the false promises, and political talk.  Socialism is also a very scary concept.  We know from the National Socialists in Germany, that Democratic Socialism requires fascism in order to be enforced.  IE “you pay for single payer healthcare, or go to prison for tax evasion” type of thing.  Socialism requires 100% participation, and this is where fascism and totalitarianism creeps in.  First it’s “free stuff”, and next it’s “everyone pays, and those who don’t get put in a cage”.  Choosing to opt out is not an option.  I made a video about this in 2013 “In my libertarian world, you can be a socialist, but in your socialist world, I can not be a libertarian”  Bernie Sanders is a “democratic socialist” which is basically the same thing as a “national socialist”.
People that have read my articles on this topic say “but Bernie is Jewish, he is nothing like Hitler”.   But Hitler was part Jewish also, for those who are uninformed, and Hitler had practically the same platform as Bernie.  Democratic Socialist…  National Socialist..  Same same

Hitler the Socialist

Hitler the Socialist (click to enlarge)

So this brings me back to “Who to vote for”.  I guess, since I probably won’t be voting this year anyway, I’ll put my support being Mr. Vermin Supreme.   Out of all of them, this silly ass makes the most sense.  And he placed 4th in the New Hampshire primaries, and his fake campaign promise is the best yet “free ponies for all”.

Vermin Supreme

Vermin Supreme


So again I ask;  With so few sincere candidates who to vote for in 2016 for president?