I was VERY wrong about the election results

I am glad in some ways to say “I was wrong” about the election results.  I am so glad that Killary Klinton didn’t win.  But that does not mean that I am extremely happy about Trump.
Here are a few things that changed since I made my announcement that Hillary would win.

  1.  The Wikileaks email dumps were tragic for Hillary’s campaign
    A. The John Podesta links to being a child rapist, and having deep connections with the convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein (look up the Madeline McCann case)
    B.  Hillary being found to have a deep relationship with Jeffery Epstein also.  Hillary visited Jeffery Epstein’s sex island at least 6 times, and Bill Clinton visited the sex island of convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein at least 20 times
    C.  Hillary using her influence and government office to offer “pay for play deals” to enemies of the USA in Arabic nations, accepting millions of dollars for hour long speeches from these people who got weapons and uranium from our country shortly after the expensive “speeches” that Hillary gave on behalf of the infamous Clinton Foundation.
    D.  The DNC being caught via John Podesta’s emails paying off Bernie to bow out.  (shortly after, Bernie bought a new lakeside house in Vermont valued at over $600,000 dollars
  2. Hillary’s racist past came back to haunt her, with many very racist things that she has publicly and privately stated, which I documented just a small portion of in a video that I recently published.   Hillary’s racist rhetoric
  3. Hillary getting caught taking questions from the new DNC chair (former producer for CNN) ahead of the debate in the primaries and likely in the final debates.

There was so much that happened right at the end, and without Wikileaks most people would have never tried to dig deeper and learn more about this stuff, even though a lot of it was hidden in plain site.  It’s also notable that the DNC nor the Clinton Campaign have denied the contents of the emails.  They have flailed a lot, and attempted vigorously to avoid discussing the issues.  But several times the world saw Hillary basically admit that her servers and the DNC servers have been hacked, and that they blamed it on the Russians.  Meaning they know that those emails are truly from their accounts, and that their only defense is “blame Russia”.   To me it doesn’t matter who exposed this, it’s the content that matters, and boy was it scary.

It is also notable that the bloodline that I have been speaking about for years, also applies to Trump.  What I have suspected the whole time, even writing about it all the way back in July 2015, is that whoever wins the election will be from the John Lackland bloodline.  Trump is in that family too, so I wasn’t all together wrong.

But all said and done, if Trump keeps his promises, such as dismantling the Federal Reserve, strengthening gun laws, repealing Obamacare, and appointing a conservative to the Supreme Court, then I am not going to be rioting in the streets or burning down my local liquor store, like some idiots this year did after the electionHe also mentioned that he would let the states decided about marijuana, and I really hope he keeps that promise, he has complete control over that topic.  Clinton assured her banking cartel friends that she would never legalize cannabis.

So even despite massive voter fraud, elections cheats throughout the election, and the buying out of Bernie, the DNC still lost ALL THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT, the executive, the congress and soon the judiciary.  All three branches are going to be conservative majority.  That is the USA saying “we are sick and tired of the liberal agenda”.

Liberals can try and celebrate a close race.  But in the end, they had to cheat like hell to get that close.  I have empirical proof of voter fraud.  But the conservative races beat the pants of the DNC, that speaks volumes as to where we are in this country regarding pissed off and ready for something new.  Bye bye Felecia!


Hillary Going to prison

Hillary Going to prison


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