The Young Turks have a temper tantrum after insulting an old man at the RNC

I don’t recall seeing anything as crazy and hilarious as Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks, insulting Roger Stone calling him on, then when offered to debate, Cenk Uygur then said “I would never debate him”, and then Cenk of course continued to hurl ad hominem slights and comments.   Then at the end, Cenk Uygur spits in Alex Jones face while having a tantrum.

Then Cenk who says “I would never go on someone elses show without invitation” after the fact, which is funny that he is criticizing other people’s protests when they are going on other people’s stages, however when Bernie Sanders’ supporters stage and execute protests in the middle of private campaign events for other candidates, Cenk and his silly hooligans praise them and defend them for interrupting private events on a regular basis.   These are the same idiots who praise BLM protesters who burn police departments and get away with it, while laughing when LaVoy Finicum gets shot and killed in cold blood by police.

The Young Turks are the biggest hypocrites in media in my personal opinion.  If you don’t think it’s cool to go and interrupt someone else’s media event, then stop patting Bernie Sander’s supporters on the head when they go full blown nuts at Trump events, etc.  At very least, be consistent.

Reference Jul 21, 2016;

This is a video that was made the day before the confrontation with Alex Jones, by a former alleged Young Turks Fan, regardless of what his fan status is or isn’t, his message to Cenk was awesome.

I particularly liked what this youtuber said that it would be good to have an person on your show with a genuinely descending opinion about the same subjects that TYT has regularly

That is what I did when I started Sensi Life.  I had pastor Ray Christl as a guest host, as well as other guest host.   Many of my guest hosts were very progressive-liberal.   But we had varying opinions, which helped listeners get food for thought from varying spectrum’s of thought for these issues.   It’s good to work with smart people, that can speak rationally with one another, without yelling.   Hannity and Colmes, seem to get a long, but both have an opinion on the polar opposite of the spectrum on most issues.

I have personally worked with many different personalities in radio, from a gay co-host, to an atheist co-host, to many types of activists, etc..    It was good to have people from the community come on and give an opinion, whether in agreement or not.

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Being retired makes time for me to have a radio show again.  I look forward to broadcasting again, possibly weekly, or maybe multiple times a week.    Helps with stress to talk about things, and it may help others too.